Tired Of Being Single? Do this…

In my 10 years as a Dating Consultant, I have come across every conceivable excuse for being single.
Here’s a “Top 40” list of reasons people remain single:

1. Unhealthy Attractions
2. Fear of Intimacy
3. Pickiness
4. Low Self-Esteem
5. Ignore red flags
6. Strict dating rules
7. Self-Sabotage
8. Don’t make time to date
9. Poor communication skills
10. Too many or too few options
11. Don’t invest in relationships
12. Push the relationship too fast
13. Not committed to making it work
14. No intimacy skills
15. Don’t go out much
16. Self-esteem is too high
17. Self-esteem is too low
18. Too independent
19. Uncompromising
20. Hurting from a past breakup
21. People try to change you
22. Unrealistic expectations
23. All the “Good Ones” are taken
24. Being too aggressive
25. Still working on yourself
26. Not willing to be vulnerable
27. Don’t Respect Yourself
28. Poor effort overall
29. Can’t stop thinking about an ex
30. Don’t know what you want
31. Attracted to the wrong people
32. Isolation and Routine
33. Haven’t met the right person
34. Burnt out from dating & breakups
35. Subconscious beliefs
36. Too passive
37. Lack ambition
38. Lack confidence
39. Not Naturally Attractive
40. Financially insecure

All these issues stem from one underlying problem…

If you are repeatedly or continuously experiencing any of the 40 issues above, you have what Dr. Jeffery Young calls a “Life Trap”.

Dr. Young is a faculty member at Columbia University and an internationally recognized expert on cognitive therapy.

Here’s what’s happening…

The brain creates neural pathways to help us complete tasks. When we do something right, a pathway is created.

Unfortunately, a pathway is also created when we do something wrong. This is how habits are formed, both good and bad.

We keep having the same issues regarding relationships because we continually use existing neural pathways to make decisions… Like being habitually attracted to the wrong kind of person, for example.

It seems the brain does learn from making mistakes: It learns how to make them.

Stop experiencing the same relationship challenges over and over…

How? By using intuition to make decisions instead of the thinking mind.

Intuition is NEVER wrong.

To develop intuition, use it to make as many minor decisions as possible:

• What to wear
• What to eat
• What to drink
• Where to shop
• When to come
• When to go

Keep a journal of your results. This will help you recognize intuitive answers so you can use intuition for bigger, more important decisions.

Making The Right Decision…

Here’s a simple 3-step process for intuitive decision making:

1) Mindset

Never make a decision while experiencing negativity (fear, anxiety, worry, hate, anger, jealousy, sadness).

Decisions made while feeling negative emotions will ALWAYS result in the wrong course of action.

Also, don’t make a decision in the midst of a problem. Exercise, listen to music, go for a swim, take a shower, a bath, or whatever you need to do to mentally remove yourself from the situation.

Otherwise, the problem will color your decision.

2) Information

To make wise choices, you must be informed. Collect all the information you can on the subject.

People who are successful in dating and relationships aren’t lucky. They follow a certain set of steps you can follow as well to get the same results.

If you are unsure about what these steps are, feel free to reach out.

3) Receive

Now it’s time to get your answer…

First, set your intention to receive the answer. Then get into a meditative state.

AFTER you have reached a meditative state, ask for the answer. Be still and let the answer come in its own time.

If it doesn’t come immediately, don’t worry. Put it aside and go do something you enjoy.

Don’t think about it, let it go, and the answer will come.

If the choice is between two options, which choice feels light, and which feels heavy?

Go with the one that feels light. Follow your joy.

Often, the option that brings you the highest joy will be the right choice.

Making The Wrong Decision…

Once you get accustomed to following your intuition, things will go as expected 99% of the time.

But 1% of the time, you will get an unexpected result after acting on intuitive guidance. When this happens, you may assume you made a mistake. Rest assured, this is not the case.

The fact is life takes care of itself.

Without any help from us, the sun rises and sets, plants turn CO2 into oxygen, and our bodies complete TRILLIONS of functions every day without our input or assistance.

So 1% of the time, life will give you an unexpected nudge in the right direction. 

Isn’t that amazing… We exist within the deepest love imaginable.

That’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help. God Bless!

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