The Amazing "Panty-Dropping" Secret Of A Desperate Nerd From Arizona

Here’s the truth...

I have a 100% success rate picking up women.

Before you call me a douche, you should know I’m just a nerd from Arizona who used to get rejected by women CONSTANTLY.

Now, I attract and seduce women with ease… and I’m going to show you how to do the same.

So here we go...

One morning I arrived at the office earlier than usual.

As I sped through the empty parking lot, a still small voice told me to take a different route.

I ignored the voice and took my usual path.

When I made the last right-hand turn to my parking spot, a car came out of nowhere and nearly hit me.

That’s when I realized the “still small voice” was actually my intuition.

I thought only women were naturally intuitive until Kim Chestney (international best-selling author and founder of the Intuition Lab for Contemporary Intuition Development) taught me this Intuition Test…

Step 1: Check your pulse.

Step 2: Do you have one?

Step 3: If your answer is ‘YES’, you pass. You have the gift of intuition!

Assuming you passed, I’m going to show you how to use intuition to improve ALL aspects of your life.

Then, I’ll share The Amazing “Panty-Dropping” Secret so you can achieve a 100% success rate with women.

Despite what some people may think…

Intuition is not magic.

It’s a very real, multifaceted process with a singular purpose: the delivery of insight.

It guides you. It protects you. It inspires you. It leads you to the open doors that change your life.

Here’s how to use I.D.E.A. (Impression, Discern, Expand, Affirm) to receive divine guidance and great wisdom from that hidden power deep within you… intuition.

Step 1: Impression

The intuitive process starts with an Impression.

It pops into your head before your thinking mind or emotions can intervene.

One of the defining qualities of an intuitive impression is that it arrives out of the blue, as if from nowhere.

Let’s clarify what an intuitive impression IS and what it IS NOT

An intuitive impression IS:

– A sense, thought, feeling, or idea that precedes self-generated thoughts.

– The whisper of a still, small voice inside you.

– That gut feeling you can’t explain.

– Inspiration to take a specific action.

– An epiphany.

An intuitive impression IS NOT the result of any thinking process or reasoning.

Most of the time, when thoughts come and go, you don’t think about their source. If you have no idea where a feeling or thought came from, it likely came from your intuition.

An intuitive impression IS NOT an emotion. The emotional heart can deceive, but intuition is truth.

The heart often moves from a place of personal need or lack, but intuition only moves from a place of divine wisdom. Don’t allow the heart to lead you astray. Instead, follow the true north of your intuition.

An intuitive impression IS NOT scary. Intuition abides in love.

There is no safer place in the world than in the hands of your intuition.

There is no better friend than your intuition.

Its purpose is to take care of you and help you rise above your fears.

Light drives out darkness. The same can be said of intuition and fear.

The presence of one negates the other.

In fact, one of the many ways to release fear is to trust your intuition.

Step 2: Discern

When you get an impression, Discern if it’s intuitive by asking yourself: Does this feel right?

It’s not an emotional feeling.

Rather, something within you is attracted to it.

It pulls you in, almost magnetically.

A knowingness arises. It just feels right.

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a new car.

You get an intuitive impression and corresponding good feeling from a red car.

The red car doesn’t make you happy or sad.

It compels you. It moves you.

A quiet certainty grows behind the impression from the red car until the choice becomes clear.

Something within you says, “Yes, that red car is for me!”

In this way, you can discern if an impression is intuitive by the way it feels.

An impression followed by a “knowing” feeling is a sure sign of intuitive guidance.

Step 3: Expand

If an intuitive impression leaves you wondering:

– What does this mean?

– What am I meant to do?

– What am I meant to learn?

– Why did that insight come to me?

You can Expand the impression to get more information.

Here’s how:

1) Bring your awareness to your breath.

2) Pay attention to every moment of your inhale, and every moment of your exhale.

3) EXPECT to get more information about the intuitive guidance you received.

4) Notice the first calm, quiet impression that comes to you, seemingly out of nowhere.

It could be an idea, an image, a word, a phrase, a color, a feeling in your body, a solution to a problem, or any kind of information that just arrives, out of the blue, into your consciousness.

Helpful tips:

– When self-generated thoughts arise, gently bring your awareness back to the breath.

– If you experience something unnerving or scary, just let it pass. That’s not your intuition, it’s your mind playing tricks to regain its position of power. The ego doesn’t like to relinquish control to mindfulness.

– No need to worry if you don’t get an immediate answer.

Just relax, bring your attention to the breath, remain still, and stay quiet until something, simply and peacefully, drops into your awareness.

Expansion differs from rational decision-making.

Answers from expansion come from your inside world.

Answers from rational decision-making come from information collected in the outside world.

Expansion leads to intuitive intelligence, where you make wise decisions based on higher understanding.

By the way, “Expansion Sessions” are also great for obtaining intuitive insight on new topics.

Step 4: Affirm

Life will Affirm intuitive guidance to confirm you’re on the right track, making the right decision, taking the right action, or receiving the right message.

Affirmations can be internal or external.

Internal affirmation is a lasting sense that intuitive guidance alignments with your truth.

One of the defining traits of intuition is constancy.

Real intuition will remain resolute and unchanged in your consciousness.

It’s not unsure or fleeting, like a passing thought or whim.

Intuition has a mission and it persists until it gets the job done:

– If you have a calling to write a book, that calling will not cease until the book is written.

– If you need to get over a divorce and start dating again, your intuition will persist until you get back out there.

When immediate action isn’t required, you can affirm intuitive guidance by coming back to it in an hour, a day, or a week:

– Is the same feeling still there?

– Does the same guidance persist?

If so, there’s a good chance it’s real intuition.

If not, it was most likely your mind or imagination.

Intuition isn’t a fantasy, it’s real… and you recall it in a very real way.

Feelings change, thoughts come and go, but intuition is steadfast.

External affirmation is when a serendipitous sign or “coincidence” in the outside world gives you guidance or confirmation.

For guidance, intuition uses external affirmations to show you recurring themes and patterns to draw your attention to a specific insight.

For confirmation, intuition sends external affirmations to reinforce your progress and let you know you’re moving in the right direction.

When you experience an external affirmation, you’re often taken aback.

You have a sense that something extraordinary has happened, even if it’s a very small sign.

Here are a few examples:

– Open doors and opportunities that arrive in conjunction with intuitive insight.

– Noticing words, phrases, colors, names, symbols, numbers, or animals showing up in your life again and again.

– Having a thought that complements a moment of “kismet” or “serendipity” in the outside world.

– Looking at a clock at the same time every day or during specific number patterns, like 11:11.

You could have passed by those things every day for years without noticing them, but this day, you notice them.

That’s significant.

It’s your intuition using the outside world to get your attention and send you a message.

Note the context of external affirmations to uncover their deeper meaning:

– What were you doing the instant you noticed a sign?

– What were you thinking about at that moment?

– What was happening within you?

Whatever it is, your intuition is drawing your attention to it for a reason.

Your intuition uses these little magic moments to speak to you.

Ultimately, all affirmations are a sign of growing alignment with your intuition.

What if following intuition results in a mistake, bad idea, or epic fail?

Intuition is never wrong. (We are.)

Your intuition has never been, and will never be, wrong.

By its very nature, intuition is truth… and truth cannot be wrong.

One of two things are to blame for intuitive “failures”:

(1) An emotion or thought was masquerading as intuition.

It can be challenging, at first, to differentiate intuitive impressions from self-generated thoughts and emotional feelings.

Remember, intuition is NOT emotional, and it’s NOT the result of thinking or reasoning.

Be vigilant.

Discern and Expand intuitive messages to ensure your “insights” are not just wishes, fears, or ambitions pretending to be intuition.

(2) If following your intuition didn’t turn out the way you expected, maybe that was for the best.

Sometimes it takes time, even years, for the fruits of intuition to become apparent.

An intuitive nudge to take action today could lead to a much bigger win down the road.

Your intuition may have more up its sleeve than you realize.

Make a point, every day, to give intuition a front-row seat in your life!

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