The 4 Step Sexting System: Turn Numbers In Your Phone Into Naked Babes In Your Bed

WARNING: Intended for mature readers only. This article contains strong language of a sexual nature. If you are offended by sexually explicit content, please exit this page now.

The 4 Step Sexting System

Let’s start with an example…

YOU: I can’t stop…

HER: Stop what?

YOU: Thinking about you.

YOU: If you were here right now I’d…

HER: You’d what?

YOU: I’d pin you against the wall using my hips.

YOU: Then I’d hold both your hands above your head in a vice-like grip while my other hand grabs your ponytail and yanks down, bringing us face to face. Our lips just inches apart, when suddenly…

HER: What??? keep going!

YOU: Our eyes lock. Our hearts beat simultaneously. The tension builds like a burning inferno.

YOU: I breathe you in. You gasp, lose your breath, melt a little deeper, as we linger just a little longer.

YOU: At long last our lips finally meet and it feels like fireworks. Your lips are soft and sweet like delicate silk rose petals.

YOU: Your whole world seems to fade into the background as we become one.

YOU: Then, suddenly, to your surprise, I pull away casting a sly lustful gaze.

YOU: I would continue but I’m not sure you can handle it 😉

HER: I’m pretty sure I can handle it

YOU: I pick you up and carry you in my strong arms, the smell of my cologne turns you on but you try hard not to think naughty thoughts as I throw you down on my bed.

YOU: I rip off your clothes and slowly kiss my way down your neck… to your chest… until I reached your nipples.

YOU: I take one nipple in my mouth, and swirl my tongue around and over.

YOU: Then I turn my attention to the other breast, sucking, and licking.

YOU: Then I give you slow, wet kisses from your chest, down to the top of your thigh.

YOU: “Spread your legs,” I say with conviction.

YOU: And then…

HER: OMG, then what???

YOU: I pause… so close you can feel the heat of my breath against your inner thigh.

YOU: You feel wanted and desired. A burst of energy rushes through your entire body in anticipation of what is to come.

YOU: After what seems like an eternity, I finally start to…

HER: Oh come on don’t stop you have to finish this!!

YOU: I start giving soft wet kisses to the folds of your pvssy… taking my time as I lick, suck, and caress.

YOU: I open you up and slowly drag my tongue up and down your opening… until finally sliding my tongue deep inside you.

YOU: I hold my pulsing erection in one hand while licking every inch of you… I can hear you gasp and moan as I stroke your clit with my tongue exactly the way you like it.

YOU: Then… I plunge into you at the moment of your climax… I feel you contract around me, drawing me deeper, riding the waves of release that roll through you.

YOU: I whisper in your ear, It feels so good inside youYou turn me on… I love the way you taste.”

YOU: And then, finally, you are overcome with bliss as you have the most amazing fvcking orgasm.


YOU: Cancel all plans tonight. We’re hanging out. Can I trust you to behave yourself?

HER: After that I can’t make any promises 🙂

YOU: You’re such a bad girl… X Bar. 9:00. wear a cute skirt and some 4-inch heels… nonnegotiable 😉

Copy, Paste, & Start Sexting

Here are the 4 steps:

1) Set Up: Send a curiosity text to initiate the conversation.

2) Share: Once you receive her reply, share a compliment or fond memory.

3) Story: Send erotic messages based on one of these 3 storylines:

=> “What we did” (Relive a past sexual encounter with enhancement)

=> “What I’d do if you were here” (Fantasy often of public or “risky” sex)

=> “What I’m going to do” (Future pace or future fantasy)

4) Schedule: Set a time to meet up. (aka ask her out!)

Below you will find a list of examples for each step.

Feel free to copy and use as-is or edit as you see fit.

You can also use the examples as inspiration to create unique sext messages.

Pro Tip: Read romance novels to improve your sexting and dating skills.

Spending a few evenings with a Harlequin novel will help you adopt the language used to illicit the dirty thoughts and sexual fantasies of women worldwide.

If you’re like most guys you’d rather eat lint off the floor than read a love story, but it’s a small price to pay for exceptional game.

1. Set Up

I can’t stop…

I can’t stop thinking about…

I can’t stop imagining…

I was just remembering…

I was thinking…

I was wondering…

It turns me on thinking about…

2. Share

About what an amazing time I had last night.

How amazing you looked the night we met.

How gorgeous you looked last night.

How I get weak in the knees when you smile at me.

How wet you get when I…

That smile of yours.

That time when we…

The smell of you.

The sound of your voice.

The way you taste.

The way you walk.

The way your body feels against me.

Thinking about you.

Your amazing ___

Your beautiful ___

Your gorgeous ___

3. Story

Words for your story:





























































Phrases for your story:

And then you feel my fingers pressing against your wet pvssy.

As you slowly drag your tongue up the length of my erection.

Breathless from the way I’m rolling your nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

Draw your lips to mine. Our tongues twine together, tasting and teasing.

I force myself to resist the overwhelming urge to bury myself inside you. Just long enough to slide my tongue deeper, and feel you against my lips.

I kiss my way down your body, pausing at your navel to trace the slight depression, rewarded by the catch of your breath.

I long to feel your warm skin against mine.

I make love to your breasts with my mouth, kneading them, sucking and licking your nipples, as you moan and writhe beneath me.

I move down further between your legs…

I nudge your legs apart so I can kneel between them.

I tie you up and…

I kiss my way down your naked chest, until I reach your nipples.

I’d start by kissing your neck, then kiss my way down your chest, to your inner thigh.

Image what it will feel like when I kiss my way down, over the curve of your hips, along your thigh, then dip down between your legs, and…

My breathing grows more harsh and uneven as you reached down to stroke my erection.

My fingers crawl across your skin…

My hard cock pressing against you…

My touch against your skin…

Sweat slowly trickling down your…

We lock eyes.

While our lips are locked in a passionate kiss, I slip my hand beneath your shirt and…

You arch against me, your pubic bone pressed against my erection, leaving no doubt what you want.

You feel my hands on your hips.

You feel this hot, overwhelming fire building up inside you… spreading from your pvssy, up into your stomach, then all over your body.

You sigh as I stroke the underside of your breast, and gasp as I drag my palm across your distended nipple. Do you like that?

You thrust back against me…

You trail your tongue down my navel, then further down, to my cock.

You wrap your fingers around the shaft, and feather little kisses around the underside, maybe lick a little, feeling me throb in your palm.

Your eyes lock on mine as you finally come.

Your whole body shudders as you wait. And then finally you feel that delightful sting as my hand smacks your beautiful ass.

4. Schedule

Now that you have her full attention, schedule a date for TODAY.

It’s literally that simple.

It’s best to go for a date on the same day as your sext session.

Desire will naturally dissipate over time so strike while the iron is hot!

The key is to be confident and decisive:

Cancel all plans tonight. We’re hanging out. But promise me you will behave yourself.

Let’s meet up tonight for an adult beverage… but NO sex! Got it? 😉

Be here at 10. wear something cute. can I trust you with my addy?

Just wear a skirt and heels. I’ll take care of the rest 😉

Come meet me for a spontaneous romantic adventure and wear that black dress I love with those matching heels 😉

If she’s busy the night you suggest:

Luckily for you I should be free Wednesday… keep that night open.

Here’s the catch...

1) You have to actually meet women and number close.

2) To see results you must share connection, trust, and attraction.

3) Getting her to agree to a meetup is just the beginning. The seduction process continues from your ‘schedule’ text all the way to the bedroom.

Here’s the good news…

First, the 3 things above are easy to accomplish.

Second, I’m happy to help you eliminate fear, perfect your approach, trigger sexual attraction, and make sure every aspect of your game is flawless so you can get more dates than your day-planner can manage.

Third, once you acquire the skills you can have women showing up at your doorstep with a toothbrush and a box of condoms.

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