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Referral Program

Program Overview

What is Cloud 9 Consultive?

We are a Consulting Firm specializing in advanced attraction, seduction, and emotional release techniques to help divorced men over 40 successfully re-enter the dating world.

We have a 1-on-1 consulting program called the GSA Masterclass.

This Masterclass is designed to help divorced men over 40 achieve two outcomes:

(1) Release the pain of divorce in minutes (not months) so they can realize true happiness now.

(2) Learn advanced techniques for attracting and seducing women with ease.

Whether they’re looking to play the field or meet that one special girl, the GSA Masterclass will make their dating and relationship goals a reality.

How does the Referral Program work?

The program allows you to generate an ongoing stream of income without any obligation on your part.

Simply share free, informative dating guides or your referral link on social media or with divorced men over 40. We’ll take care of the rest.

The dating guides are in PDF format.

Each PDF guide you give away will be embedded with your unique referral link.

When someone uses your referral link to get more information and subsequently enrolls in the Masterclass, you receive financial compensation.

You’ll get a “Free Online Marketing Guide” so you can make sales without spending a dime.

If you would like more advertising options, just ask and we’ll provide the information needed to implement ANY online, offline, free, or paid marketing campaign.

Additionally, you’ll get a “Paid Advertising Guide” with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use to create a high-paying ad campaign for you.

You also get $500 in free advertising when you spend $500.

Or, just refer someone you know and make a quick $1,000!

Does the Masterclass objectify, degrade, or manipulate women?

Absolutely not.

Men who complete the Masterclass learn how to use emotional release techniques.

Consequently, they no longer experience worry, hate, anger, fear, jealousy, or any other negative emotion.

Moreover, they learn mindfulness techniques that create inner bliss.

Masterclass graduates are happy, peaceful, considerate, humble, patient, understanding, kind, loving, confident, and compassionate.

In short, they become the best version of themselves.

Therefore, it would be difficult if not impossible for a person to complete the Masterclass and then objectify, degrade, or manipulate anyone.

The intent of the Masterclass is to revolutionize the dating industry by showing people how to make loving-kindness a way of life.

As far as “age-appropriate” dating is concerned, it’s not our place to dictate or judge the love interests of consenting adults.

Clients decide for themselves the women (and age) that’s most appropriate for them.

Discount & Compensation

The average price tag for a consulting program at Cloud 9 Consultive is $25,000.

Your referrals will get the GSA Masterclass for a one-time investment of just $4,995.

That’s an 80% discount.

Your compensation is $1,000 per sale.

Enrollment Cap

The GSA Masterclass has a 25-client enrollment cap. Therefore, you can use real scarcity in your promotions.

The cap is on the number of clients we can comfortably manage at one time.

If the 25-client cap is exceeded, we’ll add more spots for partners to avoid your referrals getting a sold-out message.

In the unlikely event that the new client load becomes unmanageable, your referrals will get a sold-out message or they can be redirected to a URL of your choosing.

Again, this is an unlikely worst-case scenario.

You’ll receive enrollment cap updates by email.

Full Disclosure

Since we have a 25-client cap, referral partnerships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This program is brand new. Once partners start referring clients we’ll stop accepting new partnerships.

When do I get paid?

When we get paid, you get paid. You don’t have to wait for a pay date. We pay every day of the week.

Once we receive the money and verify the sale, we’ll send your payment.

You can expect to receive your funds as soon as 72 hours after enrollment.

How do I get paid?

As soon as the money is available we’ll transfer your commission via PayPal.

If you don’t have PayPal or prefer another payment method, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.


There are NO chargebacks. Once you receive payment the money is yours.

Partner Clients

If you’re a referral partner and a divorced man over 40 you can enroll for just $4,995 and you’ll receive your $1,000 commission upon the completion of your Masterclass.

Promotional Materials

We’ll provide the following:

(1) Your own sales page.

(2) A unique referral link to your sales page.

(3) A unique payment link if you would like to use your own sales page.

(4) Four post-divorce dating guides in PDF format with links to your sales page already embedded.

(5) Product images.

(6) A “Free Online Marketing Guide” to distribute your sales page link to divorced men over 40 so you can make sales without spending a dime.

(7) A “Paid Advertising Guide” with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use to create a high-paying ad campaign for you.

(8) $500 in free advertising when you spend $500.

(9) Upon request, the information needed to implement ANY online, offline, free, or paid marketing campaign.


We believe it is unacceptable to lose even one $1,000 commission because a referral decided to block all cookies or change devices.

So your referrals are tracked in several ways:

(1) Only people who use your unique referral link can access your sales and payment pages.

When your sales or payment page generates an enrollment, you get credit for the sale.

The system does not rely on cookie tracking. So even if a referral decides to block all cookies or change devices you still get compensated for every sale.

(2) We exclusively accept new clients by referral and don’t take registrations by phone.

Your referrals must sign up online to ensure you get compensated for the enrollment.

(3) You’ll receive an email automatically when your referrals reach the payment form.

(4) You’ll receive an additional confirmation email when your referrals submit payment.


You’ll have your own Google Drive folder containing promotional materials along with a payment tracking & reporting log.

Will I look like a hero or a jackass if I share this offer?

Valid concern… Let’s address it now:

First, the dating guides were created from top-performing articles.

Use these links to review the guides:

Guide #1: How A FAT, Ugly-Looking, 50-Year-Old Dude Pulls Gorgeous, HOT “10’s” On The Regular

Guide #2: How To Approach Hot Girls Without Getting Rejected

Guide #3: Three Captivating Conversations That Will Have Her Hanging On Your Every Word

Guide #4: The 7-Step Seduction System

Second, check out our social media profile here.

Third, review Google results for Cloud 9 Consultive here.

Fourth, review the sales page here.

$500 Sign-Up Bonus

You’ll receive an extra $500 ($1,500 total) for every sale you refer within the first 10 days of becoming a referral partner.

How do I get started?

Simply submit the form below. We’ll prepare and email your promotional materials ASAP.

    What if I have more questions?

    Feel free to reach out.

    Cloud 9 Consultive