Over 40? Here’s An Easy Way To Seduce Women Half Your Age

There was a time when I would have looked at the picture above and immediately passed the following judgment: “That dude has no business with that young girl!”

But as I started to replace insecurity with wisdom, I realized my judgment of others stemmed from my own inadequacies.

Everything we judge in others is something within ourselves we don’t want to face.

There’s an ancient saying that goes like this:

“Look at yourself in a thousand mirrors before judging someone else.”

Now, because of a passion for self-improvement, my first instinct is to extend love rather than pass judgment.

So I’m going to talk about how to seduce women and I leave it in your capable hands to decide the women (and age) that’s most appropriate for you.

1) Attract

A good Seduction Plan always starts with an Advanced Attraction technique.

This is one of my favorites. I call it Morning Glory.

It combines morning cardio, breath awareness, and a mantra.

Add this to your daily routine and you can start every day feeling AMAZING.

While doing any type of cardio (jogging, walking, riding a bike, whatever you like) become aware of your breath and repeat a mantra to yourself.

If you would like to feel joy:

Say “I am” as you inhale
And “Happy” as you exhale

Inhale I am, exhale Happy… Inhale I am, exhale Happy… Continue for the duration of your workout.

If you would like to start your day feeling peaceful:

Say “I am” as you inhale
And “Peaceful” as you exhale

Inhale I am, exhale Peaceful… Inhale I am, exhale Peaceful… Continue for the duration of your workout.

If you would like to feel abundance:

Say “I am” as you inhale
And “Free” as you exhale

Inhale I am, exhale Free… Inhale I am, exhale Free… Continue for the duration of your workout.

(Freedom is the feeling of abundance.)

To attract women,
do your Morning Glory routine anywhere women are present… like the gym.

Then step to someone you’re interested in immediately after finishing.

Women will find you more attractive because you will be radiating positive energy.

You can use Morning Glory any time of the day. Morning is just my preference.

2) Open

Now that you’re emanating positive energy, women may start a conversation with you but most will just make eye contact and smile.

So you can easily open by complimenting her smile:

– If you’re going to give me such a beautiful smile, the least I can do is say hello…

– You have a sexy and mischievous smile, like you’re totally up to no good. I like that…

– My intuition, and that beautiful smile, tell me you are someone I would like to know…

3) Connect

After the Open, it’s time for the Conversation.

Please don’t have a mundane interaction.

She probably doesn’t want to talk about the weather, where she’s from, or what she does for a living.

Instead of having the same lamb conversation she has already had a thousand times in her life, give her an experience she’ll never forget.

– Combine wit and humor to build sexual tension.

– Share a captivating story to create a deep emotional connection.

– Ask interesting questions.

– Ignite her imagination and emotions.

In short, make her feel something!

How? By fractionating.

Fractionation is the process of rapidly changing someone’s mental state to intensify the interaction.

To fractionate:

– Change perspectives. Point out something in the environment then come back to you and her.

– Change intensity. Rotate between being serious and funny. Show different sides of your personality.

– Change topics. Be prepared to jump into several different topics of conversation. Be unpredictable.

I like to use something in the moment for my topic of conversation.

Then I’ll throw in lines to fractionate, spice up the conversation, connect, and build sexual tension.

Here’s a Love At First Sight” Routine you can use at any point to fractionate the conversation:

Shall we skip straight to the important stuff…

Do you believe in love at first sight? (Let her respond)

Plato (the Greek philosopher) said the original humans had two faces, four arms, four legs and they were happy that way. They felt complete.

Then they defied the gods, so the gods split us in two as punishment.

They tore us away from our other half.

Plato said each of us, when separated, is always looking for our other half. It’s our nature.

When we meet our other half, we are lost in an amazement of love, friendship, and intimacy.

So originally, men and women were one and we were whole…

Today, the desire and pursuit of the whole… is what we call “love”.

According to Plato, love at first sight must exist…

Then jump into the next topic.

By the end of your interaction, you have attracted her, created an emotional connection, and built sexual tension…

Now Ask Her Out Like A WINNER!!!

4) Seduce

Wherever you go for your date, make sure to end the date at your place.

Place books about relationships, sex, and/or romance in plain sight.

Your book display should correspond with your sexual preferences. (Romance, tantra, kama sutra, bondage or BDSM for example.)

When you get to your place, she will inevitably ask or comment about the books on display.

When she does, offer to give her a demonstration based on your sexual preferences.

Here are a couple of examples…

For romance: your book display should include romance novels.

These books contain stories used to illicit the dirty thoughts and fantasies of horny women worldwide.

Flip to a page where things begin to heat up, start reading, and let the story do the seducing for you.

For tantra: offer to show her a few positions.

Save the yab-yum position for last.

From there you can easily transition from yab-yum to oral, missionary, magic bullet, or cowgirl on your way to my favorite… doggy style.

Seduction complete.

Tantra is my favorite seduction method.

When you combine it with other Advanced Attraction techniques (like Magnetism for example) the sexual desire becomes so intense neither you nor your date can resist getting physical.

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