Online Dating Tips For Men

In this post, we’re going to focus on getting women to contact you through online dating sites. To accomplish this, first, you must get women to visit your profile. Then your profile needs to persuade them to contact you first.

Let’s take it from the top…

How to Get Women to Click on Your Profile

The two most important factors in getting women to visit your profile are your photos and your headline.

For your photos, hire a professional photographer. Your main photo for search results should be a headshot.

Use as many different pictures as the site will allow. More photos = More response.

If you see an attractive woman’s profile online, don’t you look at all her pictures? Women do the same thing. Especially if your pictures are interesting and engaging.

To shave or not to shave? In most cases, women respond better to cleanly shaven men. Test both shaven and unshaven pics to see which works best for you.

To smile or not to smile? A smile outperforms looking tough. (This has been tested.)

When smiling for your photo, think about a funny experience and have the photographer snap the shot when you’re smiling the biggest…

This is HUGE… Your smile alone will get more women to click on your profile than anything else.

One last tip for your pics: If you wear glasses, take them off or wear contacts for your photo session.

For your headline, use a USP. 

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition.  In marketing, it’s the one thing that makes a product different than any other.

Your USP headline needs to deliver a benefit, arouse curiosity, and compel her to click on your profile to find out more.

It should also answer, or at least partially answer the WIIFM question – What’s In It For Me?

Here are 20 headlines examples to give you ideas:

1. First Mate Seeks Captain
2. Fish Looking To Be Caught
3. Four out of Five Doctors Recommend: Me!
4. Free 30 Day Trial!
5. Free To A Good Home
6. Fun, Fun, Fun – Did I Mention Fun?
7. Future Soccer Moms Apply Here
8. Geek Seeking Geekette
9. GOD only made 1 thing for me and it’s you
10. Appearance Catches The Eye, Personality Captures The Heart
11. Good Date, Guaranteed!
12. Great Catch Seeks The Same
13. Great Cook Seeks To Add Spice To Your Life
14. Handy Man Has Own Tools
15. Have Wings…Will Travel
16. Here Today, Will Be Gone Tomorrow
17. Hi! I’m Mr. Right And I Heard You Were Looking For Me
18. If you’ll be Cleopatra then I’ll be Mark Anthony
19. Inspire me to write a love poem for you
20. Is this fit, intelligent man for you…?

Ten more just for fun…

21. Kid Tested, Mom Approved
22. Laughter Is The Best Medicine
23. Cat Lover Seeks Purrrfect Lap to curl up on
24. Living a dream hoping to wake up in your arms
25. Love At First Site
26. Love Me For My Mind Not My Body; Play With My Body Not My Mind
27. Magnet Seeks Steel
28. Just What The Doctor Ordered
29. Seduce My Mind And You Have My Body, Find My Soul And I’m Yours Forever
30. Sexy, Outgoing…and you?

Alright… ten more… but that’s it… 😉

31. A Good Man Is Easy To Find: Just Look Below
32. Almost Too Good To Be True
33. Are you always a bridesmaid, never a bride?
34. Bookworm Seeks Bookmark To Keep His Place
35. Canoeing wombat seeks hiking kangaroo
36. Chocolate Lover Seeks Something Sweeter
37. Click To Add To Cart
38. Coffee, Chocolate, Men. Some Things Are Just Better Rich
39. Cultured Risk Taker Seeks Selfish, High Maintenance, Self Centered Woman
40. Dating Can Be Fun, I Can Prove It!

Selecting the right headline and pics are the first 2 steps to creating an online dating profile that attracts the perfect women to you automatically. Now all you need is the right profile body copy to persuade women to contact you first. That’s all for now. God Bless!

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