Men are using this Pornstar's Pickup Line to sleep with girls WAY out of their league...

This pickup line is so powerful it literally compels women to ask you out, proposition you on the spot, or respond to your immediate date invitation with an enthusiastic “YES”.

The combination of the 5 parts in this pickup line has been tested in the field and has proven to build sexual tension and increase attraction.

It’s called The Pornstar’s Pickup Line. It can be delivered to one woman or a group of women. Enjoy…

PART 1: Set Up

You’re kind of a bad girl, aren’t you… I can tell.

You have a good girl side, but you also have a bad girl side.

I think most people have a bad side but women are way worse than men.

Not worse like it’s a bad thing.

I think women are way more sexual than men.

They think about sex more, enjoy sex more, and want sex more than men. (50% will agree)

PART 2: Proof

Women are more sexual, and I’ll prove it.

It’s biology.

A girl has a part of her body that’s only designed for pleasure.

That’s it.

It serves no other purpose than pure pleasure.

Guys, we use our tool for multiple purposes… Including going to the restroom.

Plus, a girl has over 8,000 nerves in this tiny piece of flesh.

A man, who’s much bigger (hold your hands 2 feet apart) only has 4,000 – half as many nerves and it’s much bigger.

On top of that, a girl can have 10-15 orgasms in one night. A guy can only have 3-4.

And a girl can have 4 completely different types of orgasms. A guy can only have 1.

PART 3: Demonstration

I’ll show you. Give me your hand. Now make a fist.

(When she makes a fist, her thumb and index finger form the vulva for your demonstration. If it’s a group, select the one you’re interested in for the demo.)

First, you have the Clit right here. (Located at the top of her fist on the side of her index finger knuckle)

Then you have the G Spot which is in and up right here. (Insert your finger inside her fist about halfway and tap up towards her knuckles.)

You gotta hit it pretty hard. And that will actually make you squirt.

Then you have the A Spot which is above the cervix. (Insert your finger deeper and tap up, near the end of her fist.)

And you have the O Spot which is behind the cervix and you’re hitting the anal nerves. (Insert your finger all the way to the back of her fist and tap down.)

PART 4: Fair

Nature made women way more sexual than men.

But a guy can have sex with 100’s of girls and he’s a rockstar.

If a girl does the same thing, she’s a slut.

It’s not fair. I don’t understand it. It doesn’t make sense.

It should be the same. It should be equal. There should be no judgment.

I like sexually liberated women who go for what they want.

I like women who are not afraid of what their friends and family are going to think… Or what society has to say.

I like women that can take the lead and make their own decisions.

PART 5: Sexual

This is important: Read the moment.

If you share an intimate connection with your target, proceed with Part 5.

If not, end the routine, continue the conversation, and close.

If she’s with a group you should isolate your target before moving on to this final step.

With that said, here’s Part 5:

How do you like a guy to be when you’re having sex?

(1) Do you like it rough: he dominates you, pushes you up against a wall, rips your clothes off, picks you up, and throws you on the bed?

(2) Or do you like a sensual guy who caresses you and gives you gentle kisses all over your body?

If she prefers (1) ask these questions:

Which do you like better, your hair pulled or ass smacked?

So, you like your hair pulled (do it) more than your ass smacked (do it)?

(Err on the side of caution. It’s better to be too gentle than too rough. Use intuition as your guide.)

If she prefers (2) ask these questions:

Which do you like better, an ear nibble or a kiss on the neck?

So, you like an ear nibble (do it) more than a kiss on your neck (do it)?

Next, execute the appropriate close based on your Seduction Plan.

By the way, this routine will be WAY more effective if you attract her so she approaches you first.

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