How To Start An Amazing Conversation With A Woman

You could talk about the weather, ask about her job, where she’s from, or just stand there in awkward silence wondering what to say next. Or you could sweep her off her feet with an amazing conversation.

An amazing conversation consists of three parts: An Open, a Conversation, and a Close (OCC for short).

This article will focus on the Open by giving you 3 ways to start an amazing conversation.

Let’s get right into it…

The Compliment

Using a compliment is always a great way to open.

The intent is NOT to impress her. Give your target a sincere compliment without wanting or needing anything in return.

What about her makes you want to approach? 

Use the answer for your compliment.

Please don’t compliment her physical beauty, like… “Dang girl you got a big o’ booty!”

That’s no good…

Her smile, her personality, her energy, or her style in general, are good to compliment.

Here are 3 awesome compliment openers:

1) Compliment Question (CQ)

Give her a sincere compliment then ask a question:

 – That is an amazing outfit. Are you in fashion?

  You have the most beautiful energy. Do you practice yoga or meditation?

  That is a cute work outfit.  Or is that just how you dress when you go to the gas station at 6 in the morning?


2) Compliment Assume (CA)

Give her a sincere compliment then ask a question in the form of an assumption. Turn your questions into assumptions.

Base your assumption on what you would like to know about her:

What do you do for a living? => You seem like you could be a schoolteacher.

Where are you from? => You seem like a Florida girl.

What do you do for fun? => I bet you enjoy bar hopping and clubbing.

If you would like to add an element of humor, make an obviously incorrect assumption:

 – I’m really good at guessing people’s professions. It’s a gift. You must be a Rockstar. (For a conservative looking woman)

I’m picking up an accent. I’m guessing you’re from Wyoming. (If she has a British accent)


3) Compliment Expand (CE)

Give her a sincere compliment then expand on the compliment with more detail:

I love that dress. Red is a beautiful color on you.

That is an amazing outfit. I love women with class and style.

That is a beautiful top. It looks incredible on you.

Bonus Opener...

4) Direct

If you can’t come up with an immediate compliment, go direct.

Direct opens are easy, versatile, and appropriate for many different approach angles.

Plus, going Direct is just a strong way to open set.

So here’s your open… Walk up to her and say:

I saw you over here and I knew if I didn’t introduce myself, I’d never get a chance to meet you. My name is ___.

That’s a wrap… Now that you have an idea about the Open, all you need to know is how to start an interesting Conversation and how to Close.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. Thanks for reading – God bless you – I look forward to seeing you in the next post.

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