How To Seduce Women

Before becoming an Attraction Consultant, I was a Men’s Dating Coach, an Executive Matchmaker, a Dating Coach for Women, and a Life Coach.

Today, I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you everything I’ve learned…

Ladies, look over my shoulder as I give the guys a Master Class on Seduction.

Fellas, grab a front-row seat as I show the ladies how to get you to commit and propose.

For Commitment, we’ll talk about how to take a guy from “Hello” to “I Do”. For Seduction, we’ll cover all the steps to go from “Hello” to The Bedroom.

Let’s start with the guys and seduction…

The word “seduction” has multiple meanings. In terms of sexual attraction, it means to “attract” someone, or to entice someone to sexual intercourse.

So there are two parts to the Seduction Equation: (1) attraction and (2) instilling sexual desire.

To seduce a woman within minutes of seeing her for the first time is no small feat. In fact, I’m sure most guys would agree it’s impossible.

Yet, famous Actors and Rock Stars do it all the time.

Yes, I realize you’re probably not famous, but you can have the same effect on women if you follow the steps below.

During the past 10 years, I’ve consumed over 1,100 different books, seminars, workshops, videos, courses, and webinars on all aspects of dating, relationships, seduction, confidence building, spirituality, and emotional balance.

On top of that, I’ve been coached by some of the leading minds in Personal Development.

I have personally tested every strategy you care to name. Most, about 92%, didn’t work for me. But the other 8% did.

Resulting in the creation of a proven system I call True Attraction.

I call it True Attraction because it doesn’t just attract women, it attracts people in general.

Guys want to be your friend, girls want to get to know you better, even children strike up conversations.

As a True Attraction Practitioner, not only will you attract women, but you will also know exactly what to say and do in ANY situation to make women so fascinated and intrigued they hang on your every word.

I do realize this sounds too good to be true, but I assure you, it’s not.

It took years of trial and error (mostly error) to create True Attraction.

Along the way, I made almost every mistake a guy could make with women. Even when I thought I had the whole seduction thing figured out, I still managed to screw it up.

One time I invited a girl over for a romantic evening. I laid out rose petals, lit candles, I even had “Forever My Lady” by Jodeci playing in the background.

How could I possibly mess this up you ask… Well… during foreplay I leaned back in ecstasy, enjoying the moment, when suddenly my date shouted, “your hair is on fire!”

Turns out I placed the candles a little too close to the action.

Add “fire hazard” to the list of inconveniences to having long hair. Since then, I decided to go bald for obvious reasons.

Anywayz… back to seduction…

Here are 5 Steps from Ture Attraction so you can seduce women like a Rock Star:

Step 1: Energy

Listen… your thoughts, feelings, and emotions carry energy other people can feel… Especially women.

So your vibe needs to be on point.

To accomplish this, you’ll need a Release Technique (RT).

There are many different RTs, but they all lead to the same result. They liberate your natural ability to let go of negative emotions on the spot.

Quantum physics teaches us that everything is energy. Even our emotions.

What we think of as emotion is the experience of energy moving through the body.

Negative emotions are uncomfortable, so when we experience them, we suppress these feelings instead of allowing them to completely pass through the body.

Negative emotions are not good or bad.  They are just energy wanting to be released.

RTs allow for this release to happen so you no longer experience worry, anxiety, fear, hate, anger, jealousy, sadness, or any other negative emotion.

To learn more, check out “The Abundance Book” by Lawrence Crane.

In addition to eliminating negative emotions, make Mindfulness a part of your daily routine.

To be Mindful is to bring your awareness to the present moment.

When you spend time in silence, fully present, your mind becomes peaceful and still. Allowing you to tap into something powerful. I’ll call it… Infinite Love.

When you spend time with Infinite Love you begin to take on its qualities. Namely: Love, peace, and joy.

Once you make RTs and Mindfulness a part of your life, you will literally radiate love, peace, or joy all the time – Making you irresistible to women.

Step 2: Target Selection

As your seduction skills grow, it will be tempting to select targets based solely on appearance. I can tell you from experience, this approach can be unrewarding.

Because of target selection, I have a 100% success rate with women. And so can you!

Let’s face it, even if you’re a Rock Star, you can’t have EVERY woman.  Which is fine because you don’t want every woman.

Once you complete Step 1, you will instinctively and intuitively pick the right targets.

Since you’ll be attracting women like a Rock Star, there will be women approaching you continually that don’t meet your selection criteria. This leads us to the next step…

Step 3: Friend Zone

Friend Zone all the girls you’re not interested in romantically. Then hang out with them regularly.

Being with girls is attractive to other girls.

As a True Attraction Practitioner, YOU put girls in the friend zone. NOT the other way around.

Having female friends is an important part of The True Attraction System.

They help you attract other women AND hanging out with girls is WAY more fun than hanging out with a bunch of dudes.

Step 4: Magnetism

When I got into the dating industry, I wanted to be the best coach on the planet so I became obsessed with learning anything that could help my clients.

In doing so, I accidentally discovered Magnetism while practicing distance energy healing.

At the gym, I would pick a girl and channel loving energy to her.

Next thing I know, we would have a serendipitous meeting, or she would make her way over to me and give me an I.O.I. (indicator of interest) letting me know she wanted me to approach her.

I thought I was imagining things at first.

But as the days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, it became obvious this healing technique was attracting women.

I didn’t believe in energy healing initially but decided to give it a shot. By keeping an open mind, I was blessed with the most innovative discovery of my career.

Step 5: Open, Conversation, CLOSE (OCC)

Some women you attract will be skilled at starting conversations, but most will just smile and make eye contact.

For seduction to work, attraction isn’t enough. You also need to Open, have a Conversation, and Close to achieve Part (2) of the Seduction Equation.

You could talk about the weather, ask about her job, where she’s from, or just stand there in awkward silence wondering what to say next…

Or you could grab this free advance training and find out how to sweep her off her feet.

Don’t just have a conversation. Ignite her imagination and emotions.

Create a powerful sexual tension using hypnotic suggestions and embedded commands to get her aroused.

Give her an experience she’ll never forget.

Here’s what it looks like when you go out armed with these 5 Steps:

• Your energy is amazing. People feel love, peace, or joy emanating from you.
You’re hanging out with a bunch of girls having a blast.
• You see someone you’re intuitively attracted to. She’s instantly attracted to you because of your vibe and female companions.
You channel loving energy to get her to approach you.
• Then you create an emotional connection through deep, meaningful conversation. You’re flirting like a pro. Getting her aroused. You’re funny, smart, and charming. She’s completely captivated… hanging on your every word.

You have now achieved Rock Star status!

From there, all closing options are at your disposal…

You can sex close, immediate date close, number close, kiss close, meet up close, shop close, or close a bounce back to your place.

Seduction. Complete.

Now ladies, let’s move on to Commitment…

I’m going to start with a list of Responsibilities. For commitment, men and women have separate lists of responsibilities.

This is important because doing even one of the things on a man’s list could end a relationship before it has a chance to get started.

Here are some of the items on HIS responsibility list:

– Initiate relationship conversations by asking questions like, “So, what are we?”

Even if you whisper a question like this, here’s what it feels like to a man…

Next on his list…

– Ask about the status of the relationship
– Ask for a definition of the relationship
– Make excessive communications by phone, text, email, or social media
– Sit around waiting for a call, text, email, or DM
– Assume exclusivity before getting a commitment
– Assume you’re in a relationship before getting a commitment
– Assume the true feelings of the person you are dating before the person actually says the words

Again, you will NEVER do these things.

Your list includes:

– Having fun
– Being your best self (whatever that is for you)
– Creating the circumstances for him to eagerly complete the items on his list
– And enjoying life!

Finding your knight in shining armor…

The above image depicts a “Prospecting Funnel” to filter through suitors.

• At the top you have all men.
• Then filter them down to guys you want to date.
• Then filter further to guys you’re interested in and want to spend more time with.
• The last filter removes everyone except for guys you want a relationship with.

Filtering is based on your requirements, values, standards, and qualifications.

Adding prospects to your funnel…

Imagine shopping at a grocery store, when suddenly you notice this hot guy (your Prince Charming) walking towards you.

What you gonna do?

Don’t freak out. You have several options:

Option 1: You could do nothing – like you usually do.  😊

Option 2: You could attract him, so he approaches you.

Option 3: You could approach him… You could just step to him.

If the thought of approaching a handsome man intimidates you, first, feeling intimidated is a negative emotion. And you know about RTs now so you can release it.

Second, the only way to be afraid of approaching someone is to put too much importance on the outcome.

You’re just being friendly. You’re not begging for his acceptance. What’s the worst that can happen?

He could ignore you, he could talk to you, or he could be a jerk.

If he’s a jerk, you can’t polish a turd. Hair can be cut, clothes can be changed, and weight can be lost.

But if you think you can change the inside, that’s some World Class turd polishing.

Let’s talk about using Option 3 and what I call The Rejection Free Approach.

There are a million reasons a guy may not approach you…

And many of them have nothing to do with you.

With a Rejection Free Approach, you can make the first move without fear of rejection. So you’re not stuck waiting for him to do it.

Here’s how it works…

It can be the lamest pick-up line in history, it doesn’t matter. You’re not asking him out. You’re just being friendly.

Have some standard approaches in mind before going out so when you come across a guy you want to meet, you don’t struggle to find something to say.

You can use the same one every time. Guys will never know.

Ask a question, like:

– Hey, do you go to my gym?

– Did you go to my high school?

– Can you take a picture of me and my friend?

OR ask him to hold something for you (an umbrella or jacket) while you get something out of your purse.

If he doesn’t continue the conversation after your approach, you can.

If he doesn’t close at the end of the conversation, you can… Without looking desperate or needy.

By “close” I mean exchange contact information or schedule a second meeting so you can move him through your Prospecting Funnel.

Getting him to commit…

As you know, one of the responsibilities on your list is to create the circumstances for him to eagerly complete the items on his list.

You can accomplish this by doing one thing… Leave.

When you’re on a date, you’re both having a great time, and the date hits a climax… Leave.

When you meet for coffee and things start to heat up… Leave.

When you’re on a phone call and the conversation starts getting really good… End the call.

When you’re texting and it starts getting really interesting… Stop texting.

End all meet-ups, dates, calls, and text communications at the Height Of Excitement (HOE).

Always leave or end communication on a high note. Leave him wanting more.

There’s no need to explain where you’re going, what you’re doing, or who you’re with.

If he asks, say, “I didn’t realize we were dating each other exclusively. Should we talk about it?”

In addition to leaving, limit your availability.

Don’t answer your phone or immediately return his texts for the first several weeks of dating.

Spend a max of 3 hours with him at one time. Spend a max of 1 hour on the first date if you met him online.

Until he commits, he gets a max of 1-2 dates weekly, preferably during the week. Keep your weekends for yourself.

If you do this correctly, you’ll have him eating out of your hand. I guarantee it will drive him crazy – in a good way.

You’re setting up a dynamic where he can’t wait to see you again. You’ll have him begging to spend time with you!

Getting him to propose…

After you’re in a committed relationship, the next step is getting him to take a knee.

Please don’t assume you’re in a committed relationship. “Assuming you’re in a relationship before the other person actually says the words” is on the man’s responsibility list.

He makes assumptions like this, not you.

Also, he can’t just say the words. To be in a relationship his words and actions must match!!!

As a woman, there are a unique set of benefits you bring to a relationship. Like affection, time, and attention, for example.

Managing the availability of these benefits is the key to getting a proposal…

Here are his benefits while dating: Smiling at him, flirting, hugging, dancing with him, kissing on the cheek. With the following restrictions: limited time, limited attention, no weekends, no spending the night, leave at the Height Of Excitement (HOE).

If asked, tell him you’re not comfortable sharing any other benefits until you’re in a committed relationship.

His benefits after you’re in a committed relationship: All dating benefits plus kissing on the lips, more time, more attention, weekends ok, still no spending the night, HOE restriction lifted.

If asked, tell him you’re not comfortable sharing any other benefits until you’re married.

A 12-month time restriction also applies. If he doesn’t propose within 12 months, time to move on.

Marriage benefits: After marriage, all benefits are available and there are no restrictions. Now, and only now, you can live together, have sex, and have children. Yes, you can finally spend the night!

One last important suggestion for men AND women: Please feel free to intuitively adjust ANYTHING above. Just be sure to adjust according to Intuitive Guidance EXCLUSIVELY!

There you have it… Seduction VS Commitment. Thanks for reading. Goodbye for now and God Bless!

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