How To Get A Girlfriend Within 7 Days...

Complete the 7 steps below and I GUARANTEE you’ll have a girlfriend within 7 days, if that’s what you truly desire…

STEP #1: Prevent Rejection

Assuming you don’t have any current prospects, you’ll need to meet and date new women until you find that one special woman you want to make your girlfriend.

To accomplish this, you can approach women or attract them so they approach you first.

I recommend a combination of both with a strong emphasis on the latter because attracting women prevents any chance of getting rejected.

How do you attract women? There are several ways, but the most powerful and least known strategy is the channeling of sexual energy.

Sexual Transmutation is the process of harnessing your sexual energy and channeling this energetic frequency to women.

This is insanely powerful for attracting women because it triggers sexual attraction INSTANTLY.

I accidentally discovered how to channel energy while practicing distance energy healing.

At the gym, I would pick a girl and channel loving energy to her.

The next thing I knew, we would have a serendipitous meeting, or she would make her way over to me and give me an I.O.I. (indicator of interest) letting me know she wanted me to approach her.

I thought I was imagining things at first.

But as the days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, it became obvious this healing technique was attracting women.

Now I channel energy without any thought or effort and attract women automaticallyAnd so can you!

After a bit of research, I discovered science has confirmed what I already know to be true…

A recent study published by Science Direct concluded that your energetic frequency can make you irresistible to women.

An article published by Thesis Hub titled “Sex Transmutation For Academic Researchers” cites proof that sexual desire is the most powerful energetic frequency in humans.

A research team at Bielefeld University in Germany confirmed that we absorb the energy of other people.

The transmutation of sexual energy will give you an unfair advantage as you set out to find your boo.

STEP #2: Social Outcast No More

Select at least 3 locations to visit regularly. Here are a few suggestions:


Places that offer free wifi


Volunteer for charitable organizations

Exercise classes (yoga, CrossFit, kickboxing)

Get to know everyone… men and women. Establish and build friendships.

Once you complete Step #1 this will be easy to accomplish.

Having the right energetic frequency doesn’t just attract women. It attracts people in general…

Guys want to be your friend, girls want to get to know you better, even children strike up conversations.

Your end goal is to be one of the “in crowd” at all of your chosen locations so people greet you like Norm from Cheers every time you enter the building.

STEP #3: Reverse The Friend Zone

While completing Step #2, you’ll meet lots of women. Friend Zone all the girls you’re not interested in romantically.

YOU put girls in the Friend Zone, NOT the other way around.

Build strong friendships with these ladies so you can execute the next step…

STEP #4: Stop Getting Ignored

Melissa Burkley, of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, conducted a study with 184 heterosexual students at the university.

The most striking result was that 90% of single women said they preferred attached men over those who were single.

You don’t have to be in a relationship to take advantage of this dynamic.

Being with a girl (or a bunch of girls) is just as effective.

Hang out with your female friends from Step #3 regularly:

(1) Take them to locations other than the one you met them at. This will make you look like a superstar at your chosen locations because you’re always hanging out with different women.

(2) Take them to places your future girlfriend may visit. For example…

If you’re looking for a classy / businesswoman, hang out at a trendy happy hour, wine bar, or toastmasters.

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth / spiritual woman, attend yoga or meditation classes.

If you’re interested in young women, go to bars, nightclubs, and hangouts near universities.

If you’re into young women, wherever spring break is happening you need to be there!

Your lady friends don’t need to do anything when you take them to these places. Their presence alone is enough to attract a potential girlfriend.

REVIEW: Steps 1-4

Here’s what it looks like when you go out armed with the 4 Steps you have so far:

Your energy is amazing. People feel love, peace, joy, or confidence emanating from you.

You’re hanging out with a bunch of girls having a blast.

You see someone you’re attracted to. She’s instantly attracted to you because of your vibe and female companions.

She approaches you or gives you a strong I.O.I. letting you know she’s interested…

Now what???

In a word…. Seduction. It’s time to seduce your target.

The word “seduction” has multiple meanings. In terms of sexual attraction, it means to “attract” someone or to entice someone to sexual intercourse.

So there are two parts to the Seduction Equation: (1) attraction and (2) instilling sexual desire.

STEP #5: Know What To Say

For seduction to work, attraction isn’t enough. You must also have a conversation to achieve Part (2) of the Seduction Equation.

You could talk about the weather, ask about her job, where she’s from, or just stand there in awkward silence wondering what to say next…

Or you could use the 8 Tips below to trigger sexual attraction and complete the seduction process.

Some of the tips include lines I personally use to create sexual desire.

Wit and humor are the basis for these lines because women find intelligence and levity incredibly sexy.

This well-known fact has been confirmed by dozens of studies summarized in the book “Mating Intelligence Unleashed” by Dr. Glenn Geher and Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in…

Tip (1): The Open

Some women you attract will be skilled at starting conversations, but most will just smile and make eye contact.

So you’ll need to initiate the conversation.

Some of my favorite and most effective openers start with a compliment. You’re not attempting to impress her.

You give sincere compliments without needing or wanting anything in return because that’s the kind of person you are.

With that said, here are a couple of Compliment-Question (CQ) openers:

1) You have the most beautiful energy. Do you practice yoga or meditation?

2) That is an amazing outfit. Are you in fashion?

I love opening in this way because her answer always leads to an interesting conversation.

Tip (2): Frame Control

Frame control is imperative because it dictates how the relationship will unfold.

When you have frame control, people are “playing by your rules”. They accept your leadership.

When you open a set, it’s your world and she is a guest. You control the interaction.

If you continually let her control the direction of conversation, attraction will plummet because you’ll be like every other guy… a pushover.

For sexual tension to grow, you must be the cause, not the effect.

A common tool for testing your frame is the statement, “I have a boyfriend”.

In this instance, humor is the perfect rebuttal…

Example #1:

Her: I have a boyfriend.

You: I have a math test.

Her: Huh?

You: I thought we were naming things we could cheat on.

Example #2:

Her: I have a boyfriend.

You: You’ll have to break up.

Her: I can’t do that.

You: OK, we’ll do it your way. I’ll be your lover on the side. But I already feel cheap and used like you just want me for my body.

Never let her change your frame. The next tip will help with frame maintenance…

Tip (3): Fractionate

Fractionation is the process of rapidly changing someone’s mental state to intensify the interaction.

To fractionate:

Change perspectives. Point out something in the environment then come back to you and her.

Change intensity. Rotate between being serious and funny. Show different sides of your personality.

Change topics. Be prepared to jump into several different topics of conversation. Be unpredictable.

I like to use something at the moment for my topic of conversation. Then I’ll throw in lines to fractionate, spice up the conversation, and build sexual tension.

Here’s an example of a line you can use at any point to fractionate the conversation:

I’ve known you for 5 minutes and there are already 3 things I really like about you.

Tell her the first two things you like about her, then say:

I’m not going to tell you the third because you’ll stop doing it.

Never tell her the third thing you like about her. This will intensify her interest in the conversation.

Here’s a list of 30 lines I personally use to fractionate and build sexual desire.

Tip (4): Accusations

When she pays you a compliment or challenges you, accuse her of hitting on you, flirting with you, having a dirty mind, or attempting to seduce you.


1) I appreciate the effort you’re putting into this whole seduction thing. Most girls don’t try this hard.

2) Do you act like this with all guys or just the ones you’re attracted to?

Tip (5): Misinterpretations

At some point during the conversation, I’m definitely going to misinterpret something she says.

This is one of my favorite techniques because it increases sexual tension immediately.

Example #1:

Her: Where are you from?

You: I live nearby, but you can’t come over. I hardly know you.

Example #2:

Her: How old are you?

You: How long have you been into older men?

Tip (6): Flirting

During your initial conversation, subtlety and innuendo are best for triggering desire.

As you know, women are not as direct as men when it comes to sexual arousal. Watch a porno then read a romance novel and you’ll see the difference.

To flirt effectively, hint at something sexual to give her dirty thoughts without saying it directly.

Level 1 questions are great for achieving this objective. Questions escalate in intensity from Level 1 to Level 3.

Level 1 examples:

1) Have you ever been skinny dipping?

2) What are your thoughts on public affection?

Tip (7): Push-Pull

To “Push” is to express disinterest in a girl. To “Pull” is to express interest in a girl.

I prefer to use subtle push-pull statements.

For example, I’ll accuse her of being a bad girl, a trouble maker, or a rule breaker.

When she denies my accusation, I’ll playfully say something like:

I love your smile, I can hardly take my eyes off you. (Pull)

But how can I ever trust you if you won’t tell me the truth? (Push)

Statements like this are great for escalating tension and desire.

Tip (8): Close

You have attracted her, created an emotional connection, and built sexual tension. Now it’s time to close.

The hardest thing for new salespeople to do is ask for the money.

The average guy has the same problem with women…. an inability to close.

By “close” I mean exchange contact information, schedule a second meeting (ask her out), or go on an immediate date.

How do you know when it’s time to close?

Is she doing something to make me more welcome?

Is she responding to your touch?

Is she touching you?

Is she touching her hair, face, or body?

Is she leaning closer to you?

If you can answer “YES” to one or more of the questions above, it may be time to close.

By the way, there are many different closing options.

You can number close, kiss close, sex close, shop close, meet up close, bounce back close, immediate date close… It’s completely up to you.

Now that you know about the close, let’s talk about how to get laid on the first date… If that’s something you’re interested in.

If not, go ahead and skip the next step 😉

STEP #6: First Date Sex

We’re going to take things up a notch and talk about how to execute a Bounce Back, Staging, and Phase Shifting.

If you do these well, you’ll sleep with her on the first date.

Other guys have to wait MONTHS before getting physical with a woman they just met.

With this information, you can get laid the same day you meet.

Which guy would YOU rather be?

Implement the proven strategies below and you can decide…

Bounce Back

During the date, or the initial conversation, talk about something she’ll need to come back to your place to see or experience.

As part of your Date Plan, execute a planned location change then say:

My place is on the way. Let’s stop by to X.

X = something you mentioned earlier that can only be done by going back to your place.

Examples: charge your phone, see your view, have a drink in private, see your art or wine collection, whatever’s clever.

When you get to your place, add an honest time constraint to make her more comfortable.

Here’s an example:

You can come in for a few minutes to ___ but you can’t stay long. I have to ___.

You can come in for a few minutes to see my art collection, but you can’t stay long. I have to get up early tomorrow.


You’ll need to “stage” your place before having a girl over.

First… lighting. Make sure the place is well lit.

Leave lights on and/or curtains open to eliminate ANY chance of her needing to walk into darkness.

Stock up on food and drinks.

Have toiletry items in the bathroom.

Make sure your place is clean and smells nice.

The bed should be made with clean sheets.

Make sure the place feels warm and inviting.

Be sure to have plenty of condoms.

Place books about relationships, sex, and romance in plain sight. And don’t forget…

“How to Live with a Huge Penis” by Richard Jacob.

This book is a must-have for the coffee table. You can get it at amazon.

Last but not least… Phase Shifting

Definition: To Phase Shift is to transition to intimacy.

When you get to your place, give her a tour, and show her whatever she came to see.

Because of the books on display, the conversation will inevitably turn to sex.

From there, Phase Shifting can be done by increasing kino (touching) and turning up the sexual tension with the use of a story.

As you know, romance novels are perfect for getting women sexually aroused.

Because your place is staged, you just happen to have a few laying around… How convenient.

Flip to a page where things begin to heat up and start reading.

Then let nature take its course.

By the way, sexual experiences should be mutually gratifying – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

If she resists or just isn’t into it – STOP. If there is any doubt at all – STOP.

Bottom line, no means NO.

STEP 7: Get Your Girlfriend

The above image depicts a “Prospecting Funnel”. You’ll be meeting and dating lots of women. This funnel will help you stay organized.

Use Steps 1-6 above to add women to your funnel until you find your sweetheart.

At the top you have all women.
• Then filter them down to girls in your Friend Zone.
• Then filter further to girls you’re dating and having sex with.
• The last filter removes everyone except for women who are girlfriend material.

Filtering is based on your requirements, values, standards, and qualifications.

At the onset, I gave you a 7-day guarantee.

The truth is, you’ll have women wanting to be your girlfriend the first day you complete these steps.

If she’s the one, terrific. If not, be patient.

Have fun, enjoy the process, and try not to break too many hearts… OK Player 😉

Congratulations! You know how to get a girlfriend within 7 days. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. I’m happy to help.

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