How To Flirt With Women Over Text (25 Copy & Send Text Messages) 1 of 2

Below you will find the first 25 of 50 text messages that will show you:

– How to flirt over text.
– How to ask a girl out over text.
– What to text a girl to start a conversation.
– How to text women to make them laugh.

Feel free to send each text as-is or edit as you see fit. You can also use them as inspiration to create your own unique messages… Enjoy!

What to text a girl to start a conversation:

1. Hey cutie so random meeting you today….are you always so friendly to handsome strangers?

2. Hey… Is it too soon for casual text? I mean… I barely know you, maybe we should wait

3. So… what kinda trouble have you been causing since we met?

4. Lets skip straight to the important stuff… which do you prefer: pillow fights or bedtime stories?

How to text women to make them laugh:

When sending a text that could be misinterpreted as rude, mean, or negative, use emoticons or emojis so she knows you’re just joking around.

5. just made you pick up your phone for no reason…looks like I got you in check 😉

6. The police are looking for a suspect described as sexy, funny, & phenomenal in bed. You’re safe but where can I hide?

7. water u doin … besides thinking about me and doodling hearts on a piece of paper? 😉

8. Happy national hug a plumber day!
(Use this site to find random and crazy holidays:

9. If we were stuck in an elevator together could I asked you a hypothetical question?

10. Those beautiful eyes, that amazing smile, those juicy lips, that awesome bod, so hot! But enough about me, what r u up to?

11. ur my new text message girlfriend for the next 5 minutes.
In 5 minutes send: Aww now we’re broken up. Its not you its me. Was fun while it lasted.
In another 5 minutes send: now I kinda miss you… I’ll do whatever it takes to get you back.

12. Let’s fly to Vegas, get married, argue about our third kid’s name, divorce, then grow old, lonely, and depressed. u in???

How to flirt over text:

You: You are so…
Her: Awesome (or something similar)
You: Wow, we even finish each others sentences. You make me feel like a pudgy, naked, winged child just shot an arrow into my chest cavity

14. Thinking of you…. and taking cold showers =D

15. On a scale of 1 to 10, how dirty is your mind?

You: Wanna have text?
Her: Is that a sexual innuendo?
You: Wow. That’s a big word. Let me grab my dick-tionary

How to ask a girl out over text:

17. Will you go out with me? (a) Yes (b) a (c) b

18. party. tomorrow night. mi casa. u in?

19. We’re gonna be at (place you want to meet) tomorrow. you and your friends should stop by

20. We could go on an amazing first date, have great conversation, share a deep connection, have lots of laughs, enjoy absurd amounts of flirting before I say goodbye and charmingly end the night with a soft kiss on your cheek. After that we’d both get too busy and never see each other again. Interested?

You: hola mi amor… This is Antonio *sexy voice*
Her: ummm ok hello Antonio!
You: Come over and I’ll make you Quesadillas. Then we can cuddle and watch Telemundo

No reply? Get her to respond:

If she doesn’t reply, wait a day then text her again.
If she doesn’t respond to that, wait two days then text again.
If still no response, wait three days. And so forth.

22. My bad… forgot to get back to you I was X
X = something high value, incredibly fun, or hilarious

23. I’ve been distant lately… but don’t worry, first 3 rounds of couples therapy are on me 🙂

Random (Use as you see fit):

24. Snapple Fact: A one-minute kiss burns 27 calories
25. No texts after 2am…I get too many of those

This should be enough to get you started if you want to learn how to flirt with women. That’s all for now. I’ll see you on part 2 of this text message series.

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