How to Approach a Woman, Start an Interesting Conversation, and Ask Her Out with No Fear of Rejection

How to Approach Women

My favorite way to approach is to offer a genuine compliment followed by a question.  Your compliment should come from a place of love and kindness.  Give the compliment freely without needing or expecting anything in return.  Then ask a question:

“You carry yourself with discipline and elegance. Do you study yoga or dance?”

“You have a lovely energy about you. Do you have some kind of meditative or spiritual practice?”

How to Start an Interesting Conversation

I prefer to use whatever is going on in the moment for my topic of conversation.  I understand that isn’t very helpful so here is a more practical topic of conversation…

Tell interesting stories. Here are 3 sites that publish interesting and weird stories:

How to Ask Her Out

When it’s time to ask her out, do it!  Don’t continue the conversation.  How do you know when it’s time?  If you can answer, “YES” to one or more of the following questions, it may be time:

– Is she doing something to make you more welcome?
– Is she touching you?
– Is she leaning closer to you?
– Is she touching her hair, face, or body?
– Is she responding to your touch? (Use touch as soon as possible during the conversation. Touch her arm, knee, hand, or the small of her back.)

When you’re ready to close, make eye contact and say Part 1 followed by Part 2 below:

Part 1:
“I would love to get to know you better.”


Part 2:
“I’m having a party on Friday. You should come.”
“I’m [doing this cool thing] on [date]. You should come.”


“But I need to get going. We should hang out again. What steps can we take to make sure we hang out again?”


“But I have to go. I’m late. How can we continue this conversation?”

Last but not least… FEAR

The best way to deal with fear (aka approach anxiety) is to remove it from your life.  It is entirely possible to rid yourself of every negative emotion. (fear, anxiety, worry, hate, anger, jealousy, sadness)

Here’s how:

When you feel a negative emotion, instead of ignoring or suppressing the feeling, allow yourself to feel the emotion completely – until it goes away on its own.

Negative feelings can’t stand the clear light of awareness. So give the feeling your undivided attention.

Let the feeling rise up, expand, and dissipate.

From now on, whenever you experience a negative emotion, allow yourself to feel it, as fully as you can, until the feeling completely goes away on its own.

If you would like more information on how to release negative emotions, here’s some recommended reading:

“The Abundance Book” by Lawrence Crane
“The Sedona Method” by Hale Dwoskin
“The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer

I hope this helps.  If you have questions, please reach out or get free training.  I’m happy to help. Bye for now & God Bless!

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