How This Gold Digger Mindf**ks A Man Into Being Her Personal ATM (without using sex)

When I found out how professional Gold Diggers (herein referred to as “Opportunists”) get money and valuables from men, I was amazed.

They don’t prostitute themselves.

Instead, they build a strong emotional connection that allows them to ask for things in a way that compels men to say yes.

The Opportunist gets all the items on her wish list without a man dropping his pants or opening a condom wrapper.

As you will see, the tactics used by an Opportunist are POWERFUL…

So much so that it’s common for a man to declare his love within the first 3-4 weeks.

Below you will find 10 tips from the Opportunist’s playbook.

You can use them to find love or a sponsor.

The choice is yours…

1) Prepare

Here are 3 ways Opportunists prepare:

1. Personality: Opportunists cultivate charm, sex appeal, and a cool attitude.

There is no jealousy. They’re not threatened by other women. In fact, they point out other attractive women.

There is no pressure. It’s obvious to the man that she finds him attractive yet she could care less about getting him to commit to a relationship.

This light, fun, zero pressure behavior is unique, refreshing, and a HUGE turn-on for most guys.

It allows a man to drop his guard and relax.

2. Clearly Defined Goals: Opportunists know exactly what they want. They have a list of items they wish to acquire along with dollar amounts for each.

3. Wardrobe: Every time an Opportunist leaves the house she’s ready to attract someone who can deliver the items on her list.

She always wears something that makes her feel confident and sexy.

When she has a date, her outfit is both classy and seductive.

She never goes out looking sleazy or sloppy.

2) Approach

Opportunists don’t wait around for a man to make the first move.

They can walk over to a man, compliment him, flirt, make him smile, start an interesting conversation, and get a date without breaking a sweat.

Every man has his own taste when it comes to attraction.

An Opportunist knows from experience that conversation, flirting, and connection increases attraction.

So she can approach any man with confidence knowing the interaction will always upgrade her attractiveness.

3) Qualify

She refuses to waste time on a man who doesn’t meet her qualifications.

For an Opportunist, this means having the ability and willingness to purchase the items on her shopping list.

It doesn’t matter if he has a nice car, a designer watch, or expensive shoes. She always does her homework.

During the first month of dating, she’ll analyze his living situation, his employment, his income, and his willingness to spend money.

If he passes examination, it’s on. If not, he’s dismissed.

4) Flirt

Here are 4 ways Opportunists flirt:

1. Proximity: She stands close to him, invades his personal space, and gives him casual touches. She may even go a step further and “accidentally” brush him with her chest.

2. Eye contact: She thinks of someone she desires sexually and feels that desire as she makes eye contact with a man. If she feels sexual desire, so will he.

3. Inflection: She uses sexy voice inflection. Let me explain… Take the sentence: “I hate eating alone.” Say it as if you’re angry or irritated. Then say it as if you’re Marilyn Monroe. It goes from being a complaint to insinuating that “eating” is code for something sexual.

4. Dirty talk: Opportunists can talk about sex openly without embarrassment or discomfort.

They have no problem asking a man about his favorite positions, telling a man about her favorite positions, asking about oral sex, or talking about how giving head makes her feel.

An Opportunist studies Porn movies and practices talking dirty to the point where having a filthy conversation is as natural as talking about nail colors.

This allows her to give exceptional phone sex.

5) Kiss

A man can’t just kiss an Opportunist whenever he feels like it.

She gives kisses to a man for the same reason she gives Milk-Bones to her dog… To reward good behavior.

If the first date goes well, good boy. He gets a short passionate kiss at the end of the night. No tongue.

If the second date goes well, good boy. He gets a passionate 2-3 minute kiss with tongue.

Some women may reward a romantic date with sex or a blowjob. F*ck that.

Opportunists give simple rewards that mean little but get a man excited at the prospect of getting laid.

6) Challenge

For an Opportunist, there is no sex, no oral favors, and no disrobing… period.

Yet, she is still able to keep sexual interest without being dismissed as a tease because she doesn’t say “No” to sex.

She says, “You’re not ready” or “We’ll see”.

Men love a challenge but they hate rejection.

7) Connect

An Opportunist has a variety of stories she can pull out of her bag of tricks to keep a man interested, deepen their connection, and take sex off the table.

Here are 3 examples:

Story #1: How she was molested as a child or had an ex-boyfriend stalker.

She maintains that she’s almost done healing, but it’s still an issue.

After hearing a story like this, a man will respect her need to put sex on hold.

Story #2: Complete disclosure about her life, hopes, and dreams so he fully understands her back story and her struggle.

She hooks him in even more by asking his opinion on her career and family issues.

By the time she’s done, he feels like her wise older brother and wants to help.

Story #3: How she is happy with their relationship as-is. She just wants to be his friend, confidant, and future lover.

She sells herself as his best friend with benefits (or so he thinks).

Of course, these stories can be true.

Are they always 100% true when used by Opportunists in the real world?

Prolly not… But if your end goal is a relationship, they should be.

8) Give

Before an Opportunist can start asking for things, she must eliminate any chance of the man thinking she’s a gold digger.

She does this in a variety of ways:

– She pays for diner and the tip.

– She takes him shopping and offers to pay for some of his clothes.

– She even buys him inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts.

The man doesn’t need these things, but here’s how it makes him feel: This isn’t a one-way relationship. She makes a special effort to express love and devotion in a way she can afford. She is always thinking about me.

9) Ask

An Opportunist doesn’t just ask for a car, a condo, or a bank deposit.

First, she sets the stage:

She has verified that he can easily afford whatever she intends to ask for. She has been personable, funny, cool, loving, kind, compassionate, attentive, generous, and considerate. She’s fun to hang out with. She doesn’t blow up his phone, beg to go out, or sweat him over a commitment.

She’s a challenge. He respects that she’s busy, and therefore, her availability is limited. He rearranges his schedule to meet up. When they are together he does whatever it takes to make her happy.

When they see each other, she intensifies his thirst with compliments, dirty talk, sex appeal, intense flirting, touching, and kiss rewards. She’s not his girlfriend but it feels like she is.

He knows about her past challenges and hardships. He has shared valuable advice, wisdom, and insights to help her get on the right track. As a result, he cares about her on a deep level.

To top it off, she makes him feel special… Like he’s the only man on her radar. She is his sweet princess who would do anything within her budget to show him love. This man is so impressed he can’t help thinking about her throughout his day. He shows undeniable signs of infatuation and love.

This is all done without sucking a d*ck or riding one.

(At this point it has been 3-4 weeks and 3-4 dates. He is now ready for a relationship or sponsorship. Again, the choice is yours.)

Second, she gives the performance:

The “ask” comes in the form of a life-or-death emergency…

– It’s her car… It’s going to be repossessed and she’s down to her last $20.

– It’s her house payment… She’s one missed payment form getting kicked out on the street.

– It’s her brother… She swears with tears in her eyes that she had to send him her last $10,000 or the mob was going to break his legs.

Asking is done in a way that makes a man feel as if he is saving the day for a dear friend or close family member.

If he doesn’t immediately offer to help, she asks for it with all the humility, innocents, and vulnerability of a 5-year-old asking her mother for a toy she can easily afford.

Of course he says yes. It would break his heart to say no.

10) Exit

The Opportunist has no problem moving on when it’s time.

When she gets everything on her list – time to go.

When he suddenly gets cheap and refuses to help – she’s out.

If there are any red flags along the way (anger, insanity, pushes too hard for sex, etc.) – time to bounce.

She’ll borrow a page out of a man’s playbook and slowly fade out of existence:

– She got busy at work.

– She’s dealing with family trouble.

– Or one of the classics… “I need space”, “I like you too much and it scares me”, “It’s not you it’s me”, “I don’t deserve you”.

The true Opportunist knows there’s always another man around the corner.

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