How A Broke, Average-Looking, 52 Year Old Man Consistently Pulls Gorgeous, Young, Bisexual Women

One of my childhood friends showed me a fool-proof system for picking up beautiful, young, bisexual women.

He likes to call himself “Magneto” for some reason so I dubbed his system the Magneto Method (MM).

If you would like to have threesomes, friends with benefits, or a bisexual girlfriend, this system is perfect for you.

I can tell you from experience, the Magneto Method works like a charm.

You don’t need to be rich or handsome for the system to work.

Magneto is an average-looking guy and he constantly makes poor financial decisions so he’s usually broke.

He’s also married so he uses MM when he wants a new side piece.

I neither condone nor pass judgment on his extra-marital activities.

To paraphrase John 8:7 of the King James Version: Let those without sin cast the first stone.

Follow these 8 steps to implement the Magneto Method…

1) Farm

Farming is an easy way to add prospecting to your schedule.

Salespeople farm by marketing in a certain geographic area to find clients.

Your farming efforts will be similar, but instead of hunting for clients, you’ll be creating friendships.

To farm, simply hang out in places the women you would like to meet typically frequent.

For example…

If you’re looking for a classy / businesswoman, hang out at a trendy happy hour, wine bar, or toastmasters.

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth / spiritual woman, attend yoga or meditation classes.

MM targets beautiful, young, sexually uninhibited women.

So the preferred farming locations are strip clubs.

Select 1 to 3 gentlemen’s clubs to visit regularly.

Also, prospect alone so you can leave whenever you want with whoever you want.

2) Time

Visit your farming locations on slow days, a couple of hours before shift change.

If the club is empty, you can spend quality one-on-one time with your target.

If the place is packed, she’ll be too busy working the room.

Plus, if it’s slow she may want to leave early.

3) Control

Maintain mental clarity. Be completely sober while farming.

You are an adult so you can make your own decisions.

But I strongly discourage the use of “liquid courage” while prospecting.

Magneto ignored this rule and it lead to a DUI arrest that cost him thousands.

As I alluded to at the start, he routinely finds ways to hand himself a financial short… Tragic.

4) Befriend

Get to know everyone: owners, managers, bartenders, waitresses, doormen, bouncers, DJs, and of course, the dancers.

To walk into a gentlemen’s club and walk out with a stripper on your arm requires a great deal of trust.

When a girl sees you are friends with the owners, managers, and all her co-workers, it goes a long way towards establishing you are trustworthy.

5) Freebie

Ask the managers for free passes so you can entertain clients at the club.

Once you get the passes, you can use them for clients but you can also use them yourself to avoid cover charges.

6) Goodwill

Low self-esteem is common among strippers.

It takes courage to climb onto a stage and dance for a bunch of strangers.

It takes even more courage to do it naked… Especially if no one appreciates your effort.

Tipping is how you show appreciation.

Leaving the stage without getting tipped can be a devastating blow to a girl’s self-esteem.

So slide a dollar bill into the g-string of EVERY dancer that hits the stage.

This step is optional but if you can afford it – do it!

The girls will love you for it.

7) Connect

Make the most of your one-on-one time.

Have an amazing conversation.

Share fascinating stories, ask interesting questions, and give genuine compliments.

8) Close

Because of your excellent timing, shift change is imminent so she’s about to clock out.

And the club is virtually empty so there’s no reason for her to stick around.

It’s the perfect time to close (ask her out).

At the end of a shift, dancers usually need a ride or something to eat.

So offer to give her a ride or grab a bite.

During your one-on-one time, find out what she does for fun so if she doesn’t need food or a ride you can ask her to do something she enjoys doing.

Asking a girl to do something she enjoys doing is an easy way to ask ANY girl out and get a “YES”.

Two Bonus Steps

9) Six Word Secret Weapon

You know those scammy internet ads that claim: “girls in your area want to hook up now!”

We’ve all seen them.

Not one time in the history of the world has clicking on one of those ads resulted in a guy getting laid.

It doesn’t matter if it has been so long since you got laid that the dusty old pack of condoms in your room is covered in cobwebs.

Getting an acceptable answer to this 6-word question will be as close to a “sure thing” as you can get:

How much for a private dance?

If you build a strong enough connection, the answer will be $0.

Follow the previous 8 steps in the Magneto Method, ask this question, and the next thing you know she’ll be giving a private dance at your place.

It has been my experience that private dances always have a happy ending!

10) Private Party

Host a private party for the club staff.

A dancer’s birthday is a great reason to throw a party.

This is optional but if you pull it off you’ll be a superstar in the eyes of everyone at the strip club.

They’ll greet you like Norm from Cheers every time you enter the building – making it even easier to get immediate dates with strippers!

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