Divorced Men Over 40:

Release the pain of divorce in minutes & start seducing gorgeous young women...

Let's start by answering your questions...

Below you’ll find no-nonsense answers to common questions from guys just like you:

What is the GSA Masterclass?

The GSA Masterclass (aka Get Some Ass Masterclass) is a 1-on-1 consulting experience designed to help divorced men over 40 achieve two outcomes:

(1) Heal the anger, hurt, and resentment that accompanies divorce so you can experience extraordinary happiness & peace.

(2) Seduce young, hot women without getting rejected, ignored, or humiliated.

Whether you’re looking to play the field or meet that one special girl, the GSA Masterclass will make your dating and relationship goals a reality.

It doesn’t matter what you look like or how much you make.

You’ll be the guy other men look at with jealousy, as you effortlessly seduce women with your vibe and your words.

Your dating life will be abundant, your relationships will flourish, and you’ll have more opportunities than you can imagine.

What comes with the Masterclass?

You’ll get a 1-on-1 consulting session along with a PDF for each of the 4 steps included in the GSA Masterclass.

Here’s what you’ll get from each step…

STEP 1: Divorce Dismissed (Heal in minutes not months)

This first step will enable you to heal in seconds and minutes instead of months and years.

I used these same techniques to PERMANENTLY release the pain of child abuse, divorce, my wife’s infidelity, and the death of my mother.

So even if you’re going through the worst experience imaginable, you can still let go of all that hurt and be free… Forever.

I’ve helped hundreds of guys just like you release negativity for good.

I look forward to helping you do the same!

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up tomorrow morning completely healed… no anger, no hurt, no resentment, no sorrow, no jealousy, only serenity…

That’s what Step 1 will do for you.

STEP 2: Inner Bliss Blueprint (Realize abundant happiness NOW)

In this step, you’ll discover a simple yet powerful way to amplify your positive emotions so you can radiate confidence, peace, or joy all the time without thinking about it.

Gain clarity, balance, and forgiveness so you can fully process your divorce, find yourself, and experience lasting happiness.

Once Step 2 is complete, you will no longer depend on people or things for happiness.

Your happiness will come from within, despite all external circumstances.

The techniques you’ll get from this step have proven to work for me and countless other men just like you.

Visualize being truly happy all day for no reason.

Nothing outside of you is making you happy.

Yet, you are filled with joy.

That’s what you’ll get from Step 2.

STEP 3: Say This (Use wit & humor to flirt, banter, and seduce women with words)

10 years ago I found myself back in the dating world after 12 years of marriage.

I was out of the game so long I didn’t know what to say or do to succeed with women… and it showed:

Over the past 10 years, I’ve consumed every book, course, and video I could find on how to talk to women.

In Step 3, I’m going to share everything I’ve learned so you can:

1) Combine wit and humor to build sexual tension.

2) Share captivating stories to create a deep emotional connection.

3) And ask women out in a way that will get a “Yes”.

You’ll get:

You’ll be an incredible conversationalist… even if you’ve been at a loss for words with women your entire life.

Instead of memorizing, you’ll learn a quick, easy way to internalize the material so you can have an amazing conversation at the drop of a hat!

Talking to women will be effortless – like talking to your best friend.

When you open set, you can be fully present and enjoy the moment without having to think about what to say.

You’ll have the skills to close like a WINNER! (By “close” I mean ask women out or exchange contact information.)

Picture how your friends will react when they see you picking up women they consider “out of your league”.

Once Step 3 is complete, that will be your reality.

STEP 4: Speed Seduction (Sleep with women you just met)

In this fourth and final step, you’ll get a Personalize Date & Seduction Plan that fits you like a glove so you can:

What will your ex think when she finds out you’re pulling 9s & 10s on the regular?

What makes you qualified to teach this Masterclass?

I’ve been a Life Coach, a Dating Coach for Women, an Executive Matchmaker, a Men’s Dating Coach, and now I’m an Attraction Consultant and founder of Cloud 9 Consultive.

I have the good fortune to work with clients from all walks of life.

From pro athletes, TV personalities, CEOs, movie producers, authors, and radio hosts…

To school teachers, business people, medical professionals, blue-collar workers, you name it.

I’m a Master Practitioner in the areas of Dating, Relationships, Seduction, Confidence Building, Spirituality, Emotional Balance, and Personal Development.

I’m a lifelong, passionate student of life improvement.

You should know, I’m a little weird when it comes to this dating stuff.

I have dedicated my life to learning, studying, and implementing pickup techniques.

I’ve consumed over 1,100 different books, seminars, workshops, boot camps, videos, courses, and webinars on all aspects of dating, relationships, and seduction.

On top of that, I’ve been coached by some of the leading minds in the art of Pickup.

I have personally tested every strategy you care to name.

Most (about 92%) didn’t work, but the other 8% did.

And I’m going to give you everything I’ve learned.

Instead of you having to put in 10 years of research, during this Masterclass I’m going to share with you the exact winning strategies all that information boiled down to.

I’ve sifted out everything unnecessary… all the filler… all the fluff.

And I’m just going to give you the good stuff, so you don’t have to put in all the grunt work.

You can just start getting results now!

How do I know you can help me?

After my divorce, I remember one time I was out with a friend bar hopping when I saw this girl that made my jaw drop.

She was a stunner, so I decided to make moves.

I ended up looking like a jackass…

Her two friends started making fun of me right in front of my face.

I tried to be cool and tough like it didn’t affect me.

But the truth is… Rejection hurts…

I can help you because I used to be you. (Over 40, divorced, and emotionally broken)

Now I have lasting happiness and the skills to seduce women at will.

And I’ll show you how to do the same.

I’m hopeless with women. What if this is too hard?

The first two steps in the GSA Masterclass are so easy a child can do it.

The techniques used in the second two steps are so powerful, simple, and addictive, once you start using them you won’t be able to stop.

Because of your immediate and overwhelming success, you’ll get hooked like a drug.

Are you going to pressure me into going places I don’t want to go (like nightclubs) or doing things I don’t want to do (like approaching women, starting conversations, or going on dates) before I’m ready?

Short answer: Nope.

You can meet women while doing things you enjoy, and YOU decide when it’s time to take action.

At first, most guys I work with have no idea what to say to women.

On top of that, they have a genuine fear of talking to women they find attractive.

How many girls would you step to if you KNEW there was NO chance of rejection?


When the time comes, you’ll jump at the chance to use your new seduction abilities.

What is your success rate for teaching guys how to do this?

About 95% of clients have extraordinary results.

ALL these clients have 3 things in common:

1) They consume the content

2) They follow instructions, and

3) They complete the action steps

Those who complete 1-3 above enjoy a 100% success rate.

Once I get results are they sustainable?

Yes. The steps in the GSA Masterclass integrate into your lifestyle.

Not only will your skills be sustainable, but they will also improve over time.

What if I had a hard divorce? (My wife cheated on me, she left me for another guy, child custody battles, etc.)

My divorce came at the worst time in my entire life…

(1) I was depressed because my marriage was falling apart.

(2) My wife cheated on me.

(3) I was grieving the loss of my mother who had just passed away. (The events surrounding her death were disturbing, to say the least.)

(4) On top of that, I was dealing with the aftereffects of an abusive childhood.

As a direct result of completing Steps 1 and 2, I was able to release all the pain surrounding my divorce, my wife’s infidelity, the death of my mother, AND the trauma of childhood abuse…

Which gave me the clarity I needed to get into the dating industry.

In the words of Alexander Graham Bell:

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. Defeat is nothing but education; it is the first step towards something better.”

What if I get nervous, shy, lack confidence, or I’m an introvert?

First, being nervous or shy is the result of fear. Step 1 will show you how to release fear. So you will no longer feel nervous or shy.

Second, Step 2 will increase confidence.

Third, being an introvert is okay. The Masterclass will show you how to be a confident, chilled, cool, mysterious, introvert. This is very attractive to women.

What if I’m not attractive? (old, short, fat, bald, ugly, etc.)

Here are the facts:

1) According to Psychology Today, positive emotions promote romantic attraction.

2) Research studies cited by Dr. Glenn Geher and Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman in the 2013 book “Mating Intelligence Unleashed” confirm that women find wit and humor incredibly sexy.

3) A research study conducted at the University of Kansas confirms that humor plays a key role in romantic attraction.

So even if you’re old, short, fat, bald, and ugly (genetics really have been cruel to you, huh?) you can still score a hottie by stimulating her emotions and making her feel joy, desire, and lust.

The GSA Masterclass will show you how to ignite her emotions and trigger sexual desire with your words and your vibe so women find you incredibly attractive without altering your physical appearance.

What if my kids aren’t crazy about the idea of me dating?

Unfortunately, many children don’t get the help they need after divorce.

According to the Owenby Law Firm:

Tragic… But here’s the good news…

Once you complete Steps 1 and 2 you can show your kids how to heal in minutes so they can let go of the pain and support your need to date.

Do you only work with guys in the U.S.?

The consultations are conducted by phone on a secure conference call line.

As long as you have a phone, you can complete the Masterclass from anywhere in the world.

If you’re outside the United States, you’ll get a local number to attend the call so you won’t need to dial a U.S. number.

How much time do I need to commit to the Masterclass?

As you know, the Masterclass is comprised of four steps.

We’ll meet by phone, 1 hour a week, for consecutive weeks, until all four steps are completed.

The average client is done within 2 to 4 sessions.

Do you have proof of results?

Here’s the truth…

The results of others don’t matter.

My credentials don’t matter.

The fact that the system I use has already helped 100’s of men heal past traumas and successfully seduce women doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is: “Can I help YOU?”

What you really want to know is: “Will this time be different?”

Will you finally get the solution you’ve been looking for all this time?

Well, let’s address that concern right now…

There are different levels of proof.

So I’m going to demonstrate I can help you by actually helping you get results Right Now.

Here’s how: Go to my blog and review the content.

If you like what you read, I can help you.

If not, we’ll part friends.

Can you provide references from past clients?

Yes, I could but there are several reasons I don’t:

1) It would violate the Consulting Agreement Confidentiality Clause. I promise to keep your personal information private.

2) Date Consulting is personal. Most guys (especially those in the public eye) don’t want to let others know they needed help with the ladies.

3) It’s inconvenient, unprofessional, and intrusive. How would you feel if guys contacted you regularly to inquire about your results? Your time is valuable. I would never exploit our business relationship by asking you to sell consulting services.

To assist with your due diligence:

How do I know I can trust you to do what you say?

When you hit the “Get Started Now” button below, you’ll be taken to a Consulting Agreement for the GSA Masterclass so you can confirm every detail in writing.

The Agreement is written in plain English with no fine print.

After signing up you’ll get a PDF copy of the Agreement for your records.

What's the catch?

To ensure the highest level of service, there is a 25 client limit.

The remaining spots will be awarded on a first come – first serve basis.

Because of the 1-on-1 consultations, the Masterclass is time-consuming.

Therefore, I reserve the right to discontinue this offer at any time without notice.

Once all the spots are filled, the signup button will be deactivated.

So if you can submit payment, you’re in.

How much does this cost?

I had matchmaker clients offering up to $1 million dollars to find their special someone.

If I were to price this at what it’s truly worth, I wouldn’t have an issue asking you to invest $100,000 or more to become a client.

For many people, a $100,000 investment would be an easy decision to make considering a lifetime of pain and loneliness may be a real possibility.

Even though $100,000 can easily be justified, I’m in the business of helping people find love and happiness.

I like to make offers so lopsided in my client’s favor, it’s ridiculous.

Our annual event, done once a year before Covid, was $50,000 for 3 days.

And we didn’t let anyone with a pulse and a $50,000 check in the door.

You had to qualify.

Yet, we can do better.

The average price tag for a consulting program at Cloud 9 Consultive is $25,000 and availability is strictly limited.

So it would make sense for me to offer the GSA Masterclass for a one-time investment of just $25,000.

Better still, I like to reward people who take fast action because they always turn out to be my best clients.

If you sign up during this special offer, instead of $25,000 (which is such a fair price it’s ridiculous), you’ll get the GSA Masterclass for a one-time investment of just $4,995 when you sign up using the “Get Started Now” button below…

Do you have any guarantees?

Absolutely. Here’s the GSA ‘Double Money Back’ Guarantee:

After we complete the 4 steps of the GSA Masterclass, if you can’t release the pain of your divorce and successfully seduce women I’ll work with you 1-on-1 free of charge.

If that doesn’t work you’ll get double your money back ($10,000).

I’ll wire you the money myself the day you tell me the Masterclass sucks.

What if I suck at seducing women even after the Masterclass?

Signing up today will result in one of two outcomes:

1) Best case: you completely free yourself from negative emotions, experience inner bliss, and have the ability to seduce women at will.


2) Worst case: you tell me I suck, I wire you $10,000, and you get free 1-on-1 training.

Both options are risk-free.

But, the only thing guaranteed NOT to help you is leaving this page today without getting started.

Fast Action Bonuses

To reward you for taking action, you’ll receive these bonuses:

(All bonuses will be delivered upon completion of the GSA Masterclass. The 4 steps in the Masterclass are a prerequisite for the advanced techniques you’ll get from the bonuses.)

BONUS #1: Rejection Proof (Attract women so they make the first move)

When I got into the dating industry, I wanted to be the best coach on the planet so I became obsessed with learning ANYTHING that could help my clients.

In doing so, I accidentally discovered what I call Advanced Attraction while practicing various energy healing techniques.

At the gym, I would pick a girl I wanted to meet and implement an energy healing technique.

The next thing I knew, we would have a serendipitous meeting, or she would make her way over to me and give me an I.O.I. (indicator of interest) letting me know she wanted me to approach her.

I thought I was imagining things at first.

But as the days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, it became obvious certain energy healing techniques can be used to attract women.

Advanced Attraction is so powerful and effortless you can attract women instantly without thinking about it.

I didn’t believe in energy healing at first but decided to give it a shot.

By keeping an open mind, I was blessed with the most innovative discovery of my career.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re skeptical, unsure, or have self-doubt. It will still work.

In this first bonus, you’ll get 5 of the most powerful techniques so you can attract women without altering your physical appearance.

I’m talking about REAL attraction that results in beautiful women making the first move.

Normally, dating is a numbers game. You must go through the NOs to get to a YES… similar to cold calling in sales.

With Advanced Attraction, women express interest first… eliminating any chance of rejection.

This is especially useful if you’re attracted to younger women.

If you’re over 40:

Imagine what your peers will say when you become the guy women approach and ask out.

They’ll be green with envy!

BONUS #2: Predictable Prospecting (Meet & date new women consistently even if you're busy)

Find out what EVERY single man ought to know about meeting women:

How would your life change if you had a strong Wolf Pack (group of male friends), a STEADY stream of new girls, and a full date calendar?

If you want to be a Player the benefits are obvious.

If you’re looking for “The One” this bonus will show you how to multiply your options to prevent settling.

BONUS #3: Keep The Woman You Want (Replace arguments, fights, and drama with chemistry, passion, & mutual respect)

When you’re ready for a girlfriend or wife, you’ll know how to have a relationship filled with chemistry, love, and passion… Where all your needs are met, and all her needs are met.

Discover how to:

Now you can ensure your most important relationship needs are met while meeting all of her needs with ease.

Feel the satisfaction of knowing you can keep your girlfriend or wife interested in you, so you can maintain attraction and passion in your next long-term relationship.

BONUS #4: Text Then Sex (Copy & paste texting system)

As a man, one of the most important skills you will ever discover is how to Trigger Sexual Attraction with text messages… And this bonus will show you EXACTLY how to do it.

Never again will you lose a girl because you screwed up a text message.

Everything you need to text her into your bed is laid out for you in an easy-to-follow step-by-step system.

I’ll flat-out GIVE YOU the exact texts I use so you can copy, paste, and see results right away.

You’ll get 100’s of examples to use in any situation… including what to text when you meet, how to get her on a date, and what to text if she doesn’t respond.

With this simple ‘Done For You’ system you can:

Imagine having the skills to get laid immediately after sending a few text messages… I can tell you from experience it’s life-changing!

BONUS #5: FREE Office Fours For A Full Year

Got a question?

After completing the Masterclass, you’ll have access to set office hours.

Whether it’s 12 days from now or 12 months from now, I’ll be sitting by the phone so you can pick up your cell, give me a call, shoot me a text, or send an email and get an immediate response.

BONUS #6: FREE Date Coaching For 1 Year

You get 12 one-hour sessions to use as you wish.

During your free sessions, we can talk about whatever you like.

We’ll meet on a secure conference call line so all you need is a phone.

If you’re outside the U.S. a local number will be provided.

Here’s a complete list of everything you get when you sign up today:

The Get Some Ass Masterclass 4-Step System:

STEP #1 (DIVORCE DISMISSED): So you can heal the pain of divorce and be whole. (1-on-1 phone consultation & PDF)

STEP #2 (INNER BLISS BLUEPRINT): So you can live in a constant state of peace, confidence, and joy. (1-on-1 phone consultation & PDF)

STEP #3 (SAY THIS): So you can seduce women with words. (1-on-1 phone consultation & PDF)

STEP #4 (SPEED SEDUCTION): So you can sleep with women the same day you meet. (1-on-1 phone consultation & PDF)

Plus, these 6 Fast Action Bonuses (delivered upon completion of the 4-Step Masterclass):

BONUS #1 (REJECTION PROOF): So you can attract women without saying a word. (PDF)

BONUS #2 (PREDICTABLE PROSPECTING): So you can fill your date calendar with beautiful women even if you’re busy. (PDF)

BONUS #3 (KEEP THE WOMAN YOU WANT): So you can maintain a long-term relationship filled with chemistry, passion, and mutual respect. (PDF)

BONUS #4 (TEXT THEN SEX): So you can turn numbers in your phone into naked babes in your bed. (4 PDF Collection)

BONUS #5 (FREE OFFICE FOURS FOR A FULL YEAR): So you can get a quick answer to your questions. (Published schedule, U.S. phone number, & email address provided)

BONUS #6 (FREE DATE COACHING FOR 1 YEAR): So you can achieve your dating and relationship goals. (Local conference call number provided)

Last but not least, the GSA ‘Double Money Back’ Guarantee: You get results or $10,000 in cash.

Full Disclosure...

In the interest of full disclosure, you should know this offer is NOT available to the general public.

You can’t get the 80% discount and these bonuses a month from now or sometime in the future.

You can access this offer now (and only now) because you were referred by a strategic partner.

As you know, slots in the Masterclass are limited.

Because of the intensely personal nature and time commitment, I plan to raise the price in a week or so…

(If there’s even availability in a week.)

So if you leave this page without signing up you may never see this offer again.

How does the signup process work?

After hitting the “Get Started Now” button below, you’ll be taken to the GSA Masterclass Consulting Agreement.

Review the agreement. If everything is to your liking, complete the form at the bottom of the Agreement and hit the “NEXT” button.

After hitting “NEXT” you’ll be taken to a secure PayPal checkout form.

If you wish, you can simply complete your registration using PayPal.

If you don’t have a PayPal account or prefer to use a credit or debit card, hit “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” to checkout as a guest.

Regardless of how you decide to invest right now, as soon as you complete your checkout, you’ll be directed to a confirmation page with a link to download the Consulting Agreement (last updated March 1, 2022) and a calendar to schedule your first consultation.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out. My contact info is below. I have meetings back-to-back most days, so please wait patiently for an email reply. I’ll respond as soon as I get a break in the action. Or, you can schedule a free one-on-one call.

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