How To Start Awesome Conversations & NEVER Run Out Of Interesting Things To Say

With one simple question, you can start a fun conversation, flirt like a pro, and connect with her like no one has before.

Below you will find 3 Question-Based Conversation Options for each of the 3 parts of a successful interaction: The Open, The Conversation, and The Close.

Use these options to start an awesome conversation with ANY woman, in ANY situation, and never run out of interesting things to say…


To “open set” is to start a conversation with the intent of picking up a woman.

If your vibe is right and/or you have attracted her so she approaches you first, you can open set any way you like (within reason).

The best openers naturally lead to an interesting conversation. Here are 3 examples:

1) Compliment Question

9 out of 10 times, this is how I open set. Give her a sincere compliment then ask a question:

– That is a cute work outfit. Or is that just how you dress when you come to Walmart?

– You have the most beautiful energy about you. Do you practice yoga or meditation?

I love opening in this way because her answer always leads to an interesting conversation.

2) Group Opener

Here’s an opinion opener for a group of women:

– Hey ladies, I’d like to get your opinion on something… Do you think men understand what women want and need?

This one question will be more than enough to start an interesting conversation.

3) Target In Group

If your target is in a group, you can open the group and ultimately your target with a question. Here are 2 examples:

– Bartender, I’m buying drinks for all these people. They can have water or ice water. So how do you guys know each other?

– Looks like the party’s over here. So how do you guys know each other?

This is a great conversation starter and it will also give you the group dynamic so you know how to approach your target.


Don’t just have a conversation. Ignite her imagination and emotions. Give her an experience she’ll never forget.

Here are 3 conversation options that will have her hanging on your every word:

1) Question & Answer

Simply ask questions and be genuinely interested in her answers.

For example, if she has a tattoo or an interesting piece of jewelry, as her about it:

– Nice ink. I have to ask, what’s the story behind that tattoo?

Or ask her opinion…

First, watch a movie about romance, love, dating, or relationships.

Then when you’re in set, tell her about the movie, share your thoughts and feelings, and ask her opinion.

The 2013 Canadian romantic comedy “The Right Kind of Wrong” is perfect for a Movie Review.

2) Ultimate Playbook

Be careful with this one… It’s powerful.

It will make her feel like you are the one guy who truly understands her.

Here’s how it works…

STEP (1)

Ask her this question:

– In a relationship, what is the one thing you must have? In other words, you would prefer to be single if your relationship didn’t include what?

This will tell you what she values most in a relationship.

Then ask her what else her relationship must have to get her top 4 requirements.

Complete this exercise yourself beforehand so you have a better understanding of how to select a top 4.

Here’s a free PDF that lists 168 Relationship Requirements.

Put it on your phone so you can help her with the selection process.

STEP (2)

Ask her to rank the top 4 requirements in descending priority.

Requirement #1 is most important and so on.

STEP (3)

For each requirement, have her answer the following questions:

– What does this requirement mean to you specifically?

– What would it look, sound, and feel like if your partner were supporting this need?

– What actions let you know this need is being met?

– How do you know when this need has been met?

With The Ultimate Playbook, you get to bless her with a conversation on 2 of her favorite topics: Relationships and Herself.

She will love it.

Be sure to complete the 3 steps so you can share your results as part of the conversation.

3) The Cube

This routine is the Holy Grail for creating an emotional connection with women.

It’s an incredibly accurate personality exercise.

It was a favorite routine for Pick Up Artists in the Style / Mystery community when Neil’s book “The Game” was popular.

Here’s how it’s done…

Ask her to imagine a simple desert landscape – just sand, sky, and the horizon.

In this desert landscape, add a CUBE. Describe the cube.

Let her describe it. If necessary, ask:

– What size is it?

– Can you see through it?

– Where is it located?

Now add a LADDER. Describe the ladder.

Let her describe it. If necessary, ask:

– Where is it located?

– Can you climb it?

Now add FLOWERS. Describe the flowers.

If necessary, ask:

– How many?

– Is there one or many different types of flowers?

– Where are they?

Now add a HORSE. Describe the horse.

If necessary, ask:

– Where is it?

– Can you ride it?

Now add a STORM. Tell me about the storm.

If necessary, ask:

– What kind of storm is it?

– Where is it?

Now tell her what it means…

Here’s a free PDF with an interpretation for each question.

But there’s no need to memorize.

Simply review the interpretations to get an idea of how it works then draw logical conclusions while using it in the field.

You’ll be AMAZED by your accuracy.

The CUBE represents her SELF IMAGE.

Her description of the CUBE is actually a description of her SELF IMAGE.

Tell her what you believe that says about her SELF IMAGE.

The LADDER represents her LIFE PURPOSE.

Her description of the LADDER is actually a description of her LIFE PURPOSE.

Tell her what you believe that says about her LIFE PURPOSE.

The FLOWERS represent her SUPPORT GROUP.

Her description of the FLOWERS is actually a description of her SUPPORT GROUP.

Tell her what you believe that says about her SUPPORT GROUP.

The HORSE represents her IDEAL LOVER.

Her description of the HORSE is actually a description of her IDEAL LOVER.

Tell her what you believe that says about her IDEAL LOVER.

The STORM represents her CHALLENGES and PROBLEMS.

Her description of the STORM is actually a description of her CHALLENGES.

Tell her what you believe that says about her CHALLENGES.

If you would like to learn more check out “Secrets of the Cube” by Annie Gottlieb.


There are many different closing options. You can number close, kiss close, sex close, shop close, meet up close, bounce back close, immediate date close…

Or, if you’re not that interested and feel like she’d be cool to hang out with, put her in the friend zone.

YOU put girls in the friend zone – NOT the other way around.

Having female friends is an important part of your game.

They help you attract other women AND hanging out with girls is WAY more fun than hanging out with a bunch of dudes.

Here are 3 question-based closes:

1) Number Close

– You are the most interesting person I’ve met in a while but I have to run. How can we continue this conversation?

2) Meet Up Close

– I would love to get to know you better. Let’s meet at ___. How’s [time] [day]?

3) Immediate Date Close

– I have a meeting in 30 minutes, but I would love to get to know you better. Would you like to join me for a quick coffee?

Now that you know how to start awesome conversations, I have a question for you…

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