Dating Advice For Men: First Date Tips, Ideas, and Conversation (1 of 2)

This is part 1 of 2 on how to have an incredible first date. Use the first date tips below to create emotionally memorable dates.

Go on dates that create more connection than eating dinner at an expensive restaurant or sitting in a movie theater. And keep her on the edge of her seat with stimulating conversation.

Let’s start with a quick note on the proper mindset for your first date: You’re not out to impress her. You are screening her to see if she qualifies – not the other way around.

At the same time, focus on having fun and enjoying the moment.

It is a tremendous blessing to spend time with a beautiful woman. Treat her with respect, be genuinely grateful for her time and attention, and appreciate the opportunity.

What To Talk About On A First Date

Here’s a fun first date game to keep the conversation from getting stale and boring.

It’s called The Question Game. Here are the rules:

1) Ask any question you like
2) Answers must be 100% honest
3) No repeat questions
4) You decide who goes first

Start by asking interesting questions, then relationship questions. Save the sexual questions for last.

Here are a few examples:

Interesting First Date Questions

• Who do you think is the most attractive girl in the world? Why?
• Would you rather be on a train, feel no pain, or dance in the rain?
• If they turned your life into a movie, what actress would star as you?
• Tell me something that most people wouldn’t know about you?
• Do you remember the best summer of your life? What was it like?
• If you were gonna take me to your favorite restaurant, where would we go and what would you order?
• If you could have any superpower what would you have?
• What is the #1 item on your bucket list?
• Who’s someone you really look up to and admire? Why?
• When’s the last time you did something for yourself that was outside your comfort zone?

Relationship First Date Questions

• What’s your biggest turn-off? What’s your biggest turn-on?
• What is the worst first date you’ve had?
• When’s the last time you were really jealous? Why?
• Are you still friends with any of your ex-boyfriends?
• What do you value most in somebody you’re sleeping with?
• If you could make out with someone for 3 minutes and no one would ever find out, who would it be? Why them?
• How soon do you feel comfortable with a new man?
• When did you realize you were first attracted to me?
• Are you a good kisser?
• Would you like to kiss me?

Sexual First Date Questions

• What’s your favorite kind of sex? Why?
• Do you consider yourself a great lover? Why?
• Would you rather give oral or get oral?
• Are you into bondage or BDSM?
• Would you rather have your neck sucked on or your ear nibbled on?
• Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex? You have to tell me that story.
• What is your favorite position?
• What is your sexual fantasy?
• Would you ever have a threesome? Have you had one before?
• Have you ever been with a girl? Are you attracted to women?
• What do you like to do after you have sex? Cuddle? Smoke a cigarette… a cigar?

First Date Tips

Use a Date Plan to get her turned on and create a powerful “sexual tension” during the date.
• Move to several different locations. This will help build connection and trust.
• Sit next to her – not across from her
• Open ALL doors
• Pull out chairs
• Walk on the outside of the sidewalk next to traffic.
• Women love it when a man is watching over them and making sure they are comfortable.

What To Do On A First Date

1. Go to the beach, park, lake, or river for a picnic

2. Play at a park – on the swings, jungle gym, slides

3. Watch a chick flick (romantic comedy) at your place

4. Window shop at a trendy outdoor mall

5. Visit a place with fun stores like a spy shop or gag gift shop

6. Go shopping for items to decorate your house

7. Have her help you shop for clothes or shoes (this is a lot of fun and women really enjoy it!)

8. Take a dog for a walk (your dog or borrow one)

9. Teach her something (how to play an instrument, self-defense, surf, whatever)

10. Make her dinner at your place (No expensive dinners or gifts upfront)

11. Sneak into a fancy hotel and go swimming

12. Break out the video camera or your cell and make a movie together

13. Do something she enjoys or is passionate about

14. Do something you enjoy or are passionate about

15. Go to a museum

16. Play video games at an arcade

17. Attend an exercise class together (yoga, pilates, cross-fit, aerobics, etc)

18. Play a sport together (tennis, basketball, bowling, etc)

19. Go to an art gallery

20. Take her with you to watch a child participating in a play, sport, or school event (The child can be your family member or that of a friend)

That concludes part 1. In part 2 you’ll discover how to sleep with her on the first date while other men have to wait MONTHS. Which guy would YOU like to be? Discover the secrets in part 2 and you can decide.

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