California Madman Creates "Secret Language" That Pulls Women Like A Rockstar

California Madman…

I have a mentor who is eccentric but brilliant when it comes to seduction.

He combines language patterns, tonality, embedded commands, keno (touch), subconscious suggestion, trans words, and psychological triggers to create what he calls a “secret language” for seducing women.

Here are just a few ways he gets women invested during the initial interaction:

1) Topic Selection: His topic of conversation ALWAYS leads to desire.

Themes are limited to indulgence, escape, fantasy, and/or adventure.

He avoids any topic that can be put in a business report, chart, graph, or prospectus because these topics don’t usually lead to sexual desire.

2) Participation: His conversations always require some kind of physical participation on her part.

3) Ambiguity: He’s a master at ambiguity. During his erotic stories and demonstrations, girls are left wondering, “Is he talking about the story or us?”

Keno Conversation...

Here’s a “keno conversation” that combines elements of the “secret language” into one easy-to-use routine:

I read online that 93% of women masturbate in the shower.

What do the other 7% do?

(After she replies, “I don’t know.”)

Of course not, you’re one of the 93%.

There’s nothing wrong with satisfying yourself.

You have to know what you like so you can give your man the proper instruction.

Do you really want him fumbling around down there or would you like him to maximize your pleasure?

He needs to know how you like to be touched… where you like to be kissed.

Make a fist and I’ll ask you some rhetorical questions to show you what I mean.

(She makes a fist with her right hand. Her thumb and index finger form the vulva for your demonstration. Her right forearm represents her inner thigh. You hold her fist with your left hand while standing on her left. Use your right hand for the demonstration.)

Where should he start?

Should he be so close you can feel his breath against your thigh? (Softly touch her forearm.)

Or, should he drag his tongue along the entire length of your inner thigh. (Slowly and gently run your finger from the middle of her forearm to her wrist.)

Do you like your outer labia kissed, licked, sucked, caressed, or stroked? (Slowly and gently stroke the outer edge of her index finger and thumb.)

How about your inner labia? (Slowly and gently stroke the inner edge of her index finger and thumb.)

What if he opened you up and slowly ran his tongue up and down your opening… Would you like that? (Open up her fist a bit and slowly run your finger up and down the opening.)

What if he took his time… absolutely – no – rush… exploring your clit with his tongue? Left, right, up, down, spelling the alphabet… Would you like that? (Her “fist clit” is located on the side of her index finger knuckle at the top of her fist. Make the corresponding strokes to her fist clit.)

Then, what if he started stroking your g-spot. Would you like him to stroke in and out, left and right, in circles, clockwise, or counterclockwise? (Her “fist g-spot” is located halfway in, on the palm side of her knuckles. Insert your finger into her fist and make the corresponding strokes to her fist g-spot.)

Would you prefer a come hither motion? (Stroke her fist g-spot in a “come here” motion.)

Or would you like dual stimulation? Stroking your g-spot and clit at the same time until you have a massive – squirting – orgasm. (Continue stroking her fist g-spot with your finger while using your thumb on the same hand to stroke her fist clit at the same time.)

With the right partner and a little communication, you can experience ecstasy instead of mediocrity.

Whew… this routine is intense!

Pro tip to crank up the sexual desire…

Radiate loving energy while delivering the demonstration.

To get an idea of what that feels like, generate an intense feeling of love by thinking about what you love most.

The more love you feel, the stronger your results will be.

As you inhale, imagine the air is the love you feel as it fills your heart chakra.

As you exhale, imagine the love traveling from your heart to a target.

Love inhale, target exhale… Love inhale, target exhale… Love inhale, target exhale…

The “target” can be whatever you like; a person, place, or thing.

In this case, the target is the girl you’re talking to.

With practice, you’ll be able to radiate love during a conversation without thinking about it.

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