7 Life Hacks To Become *IRRESISTIBLE* To The Opposite Sex…

As an Attraction Consultant, I have come across many techniques to make people more attractive. Today I’m going to share 7 Life Hacks that are guaranteed to make you irresistible to the opposite sex… No matter who you are or what you look like.  Let’s go…

Life Hack #1: Success Plan

According to a research study I just made up, poor planning leads to a shitty outcome 97.3% of the time.

All kidding aside, people who are successful at dating and relationships aren’t lucky. They follow a certain set of steps you can follow as well to get the same results.

After 12 years of marriage, I found myself back in the dating world. I was out of the game so long I didn’t know what to say or do to attract women.

I had no plan… and I paid the price…

I repeatedly made the same 3 mistakes:

Mistake #1: My prospecting efforts were limited to bars and nightclubs exclusively, so I was always drunk.

Mistake #2: When approaching women, I had no idea what to say.

Mistake #3: I didn’t know how to approach or attract women who were with friends or other guys.

I was also too intimidated to start a conversation with beautiful women. But getting drunk helped to alleviate my approach anxiety.

When I did muster up enough “liquid courage” to talk to a girl, I ended up looking like a jackass. I tried to play it off like it didn’t bother me. But the truth is… Rejection hurts.

Here’s what successful prospecting looks like…

1) Cultivate a vibe of swag and confidence people can’t resist so suitors approach you first. (see Life Hacks #2 and #3)

2) Routinely spend time in places the type of person you want to meet hangs out. If that’s a nightclub or bar, fine. If not, there are better places to meet people.

3) If you are intuitively led to approach someone and strike up a conversation (see Life Hack #4), step to them with confidence and create an emotional connection through deep, meaningful conversation.

4) Flirt and banter using humor and wit.

5) Then close like a winner!

By “close” I mean exchange contact info, schedule a second meeting (aka ask them out), or go on an immediate date.

Here’s what you need for Life Hack #1…

If you’re single:

• A Prospecting Plan to identify the best places to meet people.

• A Prospecting Schedule so you can meet one new person daily (5-7 weekly).

• An Approach Plan so you can keep people on the edge of their seat with stimulating conversation.

• An Attraction Plan so people approach you first – which eliminates any possibility of getting rejected.
(Here’s free advanced training for guys so you can attract women, banter, and flirt using humor and wit.)

• A Date Plan so you can go on dates that create more connection than sitting in a restaurant or movie theater.

• A Seduction Plan (for men) so you can create the love life you desire.

• A Commitment Plan (for women) so you don’t waste time in a dead-end relationship.

If you’re in a relationship or would like to be:

• A Relationship Plan to keep your relationship filled with chemistry, love, and passion (see Life Hacks #5, #6, and #7).

Now let’s do something about that Backpack…

Life Hack #2: Drop Your Backpack

The combination of this Life Hack and the next will make you incredibly attractive to the opposite sex.

Let’s jump right in…

We all have what I call a “Backpack”. It’s the place we store every negative, hurtful experience we have ever had in our entire life.

The stuff in your Backpack is the root cause of every negative emotion you experience. Including fear, anxiety, worry, hate, anger, jealousy, and sadness.

Dropping my Backpack enabled me to release all the pain and hurt from child abuse, my ex-wife’s infidelity, divorce, financial ruin, bankruptcy, and the death of my mother.

Which gave me the clarity I needed to get into the dating industry.

So even if you have a GIGANTIC Backpack, you can still let go of all that hurt and be free.

Here’s how:

When you feel a negative emotion (fear, anxiety, anger, or sadness, for example), or someone pushes your buttons, instead of ignoring or suppressing the feeling, allow yourself to feel the emotion completely until it goes away on its own.

Negative feelings can’t stand the clear light of awareness. So give the feeling your undivided attention.

Let the feeling rise up, expand, and dissipate.

From now on, whenever you experience a negative emotion, allow yourself to feel it as fully as you can until the feeling completely goes away on its own.

Doing this for every negative emotion will allow you to drop your Backpack. (i.e. rid yourself of all negative emotions.) 

Leaving you with only the good stuff. Namely: love, peace, and joy.

Which leads nicely to our next Life Hack…

Life Hack #3: Off Time

As an Attraction Consultant, guys always ask me how I’m able to attract women without saying a word.

Life Hacks #2 and #3 are the first two steps in the process.

After ridding yourself of negativity by dropping your Backpack, practicing Off Time will magnify your positive emotions. This is the secret to cultivating a vibe people can’t resist.

Off Time is the practice of bringing your awareness to the present moment. It’s a form of meditation.

I call it “Off Time” because there are many different types of meditation, and I want to make sure we are on the same page.

Here’s a quick Off Time technique to get you started…

It’s called: Wait – Meditate

Whenever you find yourself waiting for anything (in a line, a drive-through, a phone update, for your computer to start up) bring your awareness to the breath.

As you inhale, say to yourself “Wait”.

As you exhale, say to yourself “Meditate”.

Inhale Wait, Exhale Meditate, Inhale Wait, Exhale Meditate… continue this pattern of awareness, breathing, and self-dialog for the duration of your wait time.

This meditation uses the breath and a mantra as an anchor to keep your awareness in the present moment.

An important part of Off Time is mindfulness. Keep your mind still and quiet.

Despite making an effort to do so, no one can stop thoughts from coming up indefinitely.

It’s natural for the mind to wander off and it’s natural for thoughts to arise.

The key is to acknowledge the thought without following it to another thought, and another thought, and another thought.

That’s where your anchors come into play.

When your mind begins to wander, or thoughts arise, clearly see or notice the thought and gently bring your attention back to your anchors (the breath and the wait – meditate mantra).

Each time you return to your anchor, you develop Joriki (spiritual power).

Now that your vibe is on point, let’s move on to the next Life Hack…

Life Hack #4: NO Rules

The dating world is overrun with rules about when to call, when to text, when to approach, blah, blah, blah.

Unfortunately, blanket rules can’t possibly apply to every situation.

But there is a way to make the right decision every time.  Not just in dating and relationships, but in every aspect of life.

How? By using intuition to make decisions instead of the thinking mind.

Intuition is NEVER wrong.

To develop intuition, use it to make as many minor decisions as possible:

• What to wear
• What to eat
• What to drink
• Where to shop
• When to come
• When to go

Keep a journal of your results. This will help you recognize intuitive answers so you can use intuition for bigger, more important decisions.

Making The Wrong Decision…

Once you get accustomed to following your intuition, things will go as expected 99% of the time.

But 1% of the time, you will get an unexpected result after acting on intuitive guidance. When this happens, you may assume you made a mistake. Rest assured, this is not the case.

The fact is life takes care of itself.

Without any help from us, the sun rises and sets, plants turn CO2 into oxygen, and our bodies complete TRILLIONS of functions every day without our input or assistance.

So 1% of the time, life will give you an unexpected nudge in the right direction. 

Isn’t that amazing… We exist within the deepest love imaginable.

Life Hack #5: Bakifa & The Bird

Once upon a time… there was a little girl named Bakifah Mahamed.

On her 10th birthday, her father gave her a pet bird. Bakifah loved her pet bird very much.

One day, after cleaning the bird’s cage, she accidentally left the cage door open. The bird took that opportunity to escape and fly away.

Bakifah was heartbroken.

Her father offered to take her to the pet store to get another bird but Bakifah refused. She insisted on getting in some “Off Time” first, before picking out another bird.

(Bakifah was truly wise beyond her years.)

After a few days of reflection on her relationship with the first bird she decided to love the new bird unconditionally.

The next day, she told her dad she was ready. So they went to the pet store and picked out a new bird.

This time, Bakifah decided to leave the cage door open and just put as much love as she possibly could into her relationship with the new bird.

Even though the cage door remained open, the bird never flew away.

The End.

Moral of the story… Love unconditionally, give 100% to your relationship and avoid doing anything to make your partner feel as if he/she is being held hostage in the relationship.

This will happen naturally once you make Life Hacks #2 and #3 a part of your routine.

Life Hack #6: The Ultimate Playbook

What’s the one thing you must have in a relationship? Like, if you don’t have this one thing, you’d rather be single…

Praise? Respect? Intimacy? Passion? Happiness? Communication? Honesty? Trust?

Whatever that is for you, what if your partner happily gave it to you?

That’s what “The Ultimate Playbook” will do for you.

It’s an easy way to have your partner happily create the ideal relationship for you, and vice versa.

Here’s how…

DISCLOSURE: By completing this exercise, you are literally handing your partner the keys to your heart. So be sure to use Life Hack #4 to make sure you only share this intimate information with people you can trust.

Complete the 3 steps below, have your partner do the same, then share the results.

Step (1) Choose: Select the top 4 Relationship Requirements that are vitally important to your happiness by answering this question, “In a relationship what is the one thing you must have?”  In other words, you would prefer to be single if your relationship didn’t include what?

Here’s a free PDF on Google Drive that lists 168 Relationship Requirements to help you identify the top 4 needs that most closely match your deepest desires.

Step (2) Prioritize: Rank your top 4 “must-have” requirements in descending priority. Requirement #1 is most important and so on.

Step (3) Elaborate: For each need, answer the following questions…

• What does this requirement mean to you specifically?

• What would it look, sound, and feel like if your partner were supporting this need? (visualize and explain)

• What actions let you know this need is being met?

• How do you know when this need has been met?

The more ideas and examples you can offer your partner about what it’s like when your relationship needs are met, the more satisfaction you both enjoy.

Life Hack #7: The 4 R’s

Combine this Life Hack with #5 and #6 above and you’ll have the secret to a life-long relationship filled with chemistry, love, and passion.

Before getting into the dating profession, I went through a terrible divorce which left me physically, mentally, and spiritually broken.

Below, I’ll share the stages we all go through as a marriage ends so you can avoid disaster.

Before we’re done, you’ll also discover an easy way to prevent bickering and stop arguing before it starts so you can grow together instead of growing apart in your relationship.

While this explanation is coming from the perspective of a marriage, the same stages apply to the demise of any long-term relationship.

Let’s take it from the top…

As you know, a marriage doesn’t just disintegrate overnight. Divorce is the result of a relationship falling victim to The 4 R’s: Resistance, Resentment, Rejection, and Repression.

Resistance occurs when you notice yourself taking exception to something your partner does, says, or feels.

Resistance leaves you feeling irritated and annoyed. You’re critical of your partner’s actions.

This becomes a problem when you deal with your feelings by ignoring or minimizing the issue.

Left unchecked, Resistance grows into the second R…

Resentment is a more developed state of Resistance. Now you no longer feel merely annoyed by something your partner does… you can’t stand it!

Resistance makes you feel annoyed, but Resentment leaves you feeling angry, hostile, and unloving. At that moment, you begin to separate from your partner and retreat behind your emotional walls.

Allowing the irritation of Resistance to grow into the anger of Resentment is the beginning of the end.

Rejection is the 3rd R. In this stage, you separate from your partner emotionally and/or physically.

It begins when so much Resistance and Resentment have built up that you can’t stay emotionally connected to the other person.

In this third phase, your sex life deteriorates or disappears entirely… Which is the pathway to infidelity.

Somehow, I was able to avoid cheating…. my ex was unable or unwilling to do the same.

Repression is the F it stage. You consciously or unconsciously repress all your negative emotions, numbing yourself to them to be comfortable.

You enter this stage when you are tired of Resisting… tired of Resenting… and tired of Rejecting.

When my relationship hit the Repression phase, I found myself having thought like…

“F it… I don’t care anymore.”

“It’s not worth fighting over.”

“It doesn’t really matter.”

“I’m too tired to deal with it.”

My clients have shared similar thoughts…

“We have to make this work for the sake of the kids.”

“Everyone has these problems, so let’s just deal with it.”

“We need to keep up appearances for the church, my employer, our neighbors, whoever, so let’s just act civilized.”

When you reach Repression, emotional numbness will infect your entire life.

You lose your liveness, passion, and vitality. You’re left feeling detached, uninspired, or bored. This will often lead to fatigue and a lack of energy.

Unfortunately, when you repress painful emotions, you also repress positive emotions like love, happiness, and joy.

If a couple is exceptionally good at Repression, they can stay in an unhappy, loveless married for the rest of their lives…

Tragic… But there is good news…

The 4 R’s can easily be avoided.

Here’s how:

The second you experience the first R: Resistance (i.e. your partner says or does something that irritates you or pisses you off), respect your feelings and deal with the issue by completing these two steps:

Step 1: Change your state. Go for a swim, exercise, take a shower, whatever.

If both of you are frustrated, then both of you should change your state of mind before talking about the problem.

Step 2: Discuss the problem with your partner. Irritation can have nothing to do with your partner.

Life tends to show us our innermost qualities.

That should be enough to get you started. Thanks for taking the time to review this post. I wish you love, peace, and joy. God Bless!

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