3 Captivating Conversations That Will Have Her Hanging On Your Every Word...

I was the guy women rejected, ignored, and humiliated.

As a result, I consumed over 1,100 different books, seminars, workshops, videos, courses, and webinars on all aspects of dating, seduction, and relationships.

I field-tested every strategy I could find.

On top of that, I’ve been coached by some of the leading minds in the art of Pickup.

In my humble opinion, Speed Seduction by Ross Jeffries is the most effective strategy for talking to women.

I have used Speed Seduction to take women from “not interested” to “completely attracted” in a matter of minutes.

Ross is an author, pickup artist, television personality, and the creator of “Speed Seduction”.

He has been featured on The Dr. Phil Show, The Montel Williams Show, The Jane Whitney Show, and The Daily Show.

Without further ado, here are 3 captivating conversations… 2 by Ross Jeffries along with a 3rd option I call “Freestyle”:

Conversation #1: Twins

This is my version of the Ross Jeffries Twin Brother quiz…

Let’s say you meet twin brothers at a party.

They’re absolutely identical physically.

But one of them is a good LISTENER.

He always gives you his undivided attention and you can feel that he truly cares about what you’re saying.

The other gives good ADVICE.

He’s very wise and can solve any problem.

Which twin would you rather be with?

The good listener or the one who gives good advice?

Same scenario, the two guys are identical.

One is FUNNY.

He makes you laugh so hard you pee yourself a little bit.

The other is a good KISSER.

Picture your favorite place to be kissed… Imagine being kissed there.

OMG… that look on your face… On a scale of 1 to 10 how dirty is your mind…


Do you prefer to laugh or be kissed?

Same scenario:


He goes out of his way to show you he cares.

The other gives you the best SEX you’ve ever had in your entire life.

Romance or sex, which do you pick?

Last one…

The first twin is RICH.

He has more money than Bill Gates.

The second is in LOVE with you.

He loves you with all his heart.

What’s it gonna be… Money or Love?

So if you could be with someone who ___, ___, ___, and ___, what about you that would make him come back for more?

Now that you’re familiar with how it’s done, this is all you need to remember:

1) Listen – Advice

2) Funny – Kiss

3) Romance – Sex

4) Money – Love

Conversation #2: Roller

This is my interpretation of the Ross Jeffries Roller, Folder, Thrower routine…

Are you a roller, a folder, or a thrower?

Ok, we’re going away on your ideal vacation. Our suitcases are open.

Do you roll your clothes, fold them, or just throw them in?

Follow with a fantasy vacation question:

If you could go somewhere where money, time, and the law were no problem, where would you go and what do you think you would most enjoy?

Ok, back up for a second and take me with you…

What are you wearing? What am I wearing? Where are we going? What are we doing? Etc.

Conversation #3: Freestyle

There’s an ancient saying that goes like this…

“The most important time is now. The most important thing to do is love. The most important person is the one in front of you.”

This saying is the foundation of the Freestyle conversation.

When you open set, slow – way – down.

Fall into the moment, be completely present, and enjoy yourself.

Use something in the moment for your topic of conversation.

Then throw in lines to fractionate, spice up the conversation, and build sexual tension…

Example #1:

YOU: I’ve known you for 5 minutes and there are already 3 things I really like about you.

HER: Really… What are they???

Tell her the first 2 things you like about her but not the third…

YOU: I love your smile, your energy is amazing, and I’m not going to tell you the third because you’ll stop doing it.

No matter how much she begs and pleads NEVER tell her what it is.

This will intensify her interest in you and the conversation.

Example #2:

Give her a genuine compliment followed by: “I didn’t hear a word you just said. What were you saying?”

– That thing you did with your hair is incredibly sexy. I didn’t hear a word you just said. What were you saying?

Example #3:

Start with: “Should we skip straight to the important stuff?”

Then ask her an unimportant question…

– Should we skip straight to the important stuff? Tell me, what’s your favorite Michael Jackson song?

– Should we skip straight to the important stuff? Tell me, what’s your favorite ice cream?

Or use it to segue into a “What’s Better” routine…

– Should we skip straight to the important stuff? What’s better: good sex or cool shoes? (Then continue with the routine.)

To pull off a Freestyle conversation you must be 100% present.

To do that, you can’t THINK about what to say.

You must KNOW what to say so you can have an awesome conversation at the drop of a hat.

Talking to women should be effortless… Like talking to your best friend.

Les Brown (world-renowned motivational speaker, author, television host, and former congressman) taught me an important lesson about talking to women.

Mr. Brown said a public speaker should be ready to give a talk anytime, anywhere.

He called it being FULL.

When it comes to approaching women, you must be FULL… Ready to start an amazing conversation anytime, anywhere.

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